Tuesday, June 24, 2008

September 7 2007 - Brussels at Night

Picking up from where I stopped,

This is our dinner place

The name of the restaurant, if u can read Chinese..

And yeah, we will get Chinese food for dinner, throughout the course of the tour. It might not sound so great, but having all the rice eating Malaysians around, I suppose this is good news..

Family photo is compulsory, even when we're in Europe :D

The food was nice, although didn't take any photos of them..

Europeans are generally very easy going people.. same goes to Belgians..

They love sitting around in cafes on the streets

And they love their beer too!

For the 1st night in Europe, we get a nice hotel to spend the night in..

Holiday Inn!

When it's Holiday Inn, things can't possibly go bad right? I think, it's probably to appease our tulan-ness for the luggage problem.. and yeah.. it did make us happier.. in fact, Nick got too happy,

And jumped on Peggy!

Kesian the girl, but she's strong too, can carry him and walk around =D

Our 1st task in the hotel were to pack our things again.. we will try to share luggage and put some unnecessary items into a few big luggages. Another coach came and picked those unnecessary luggage up. We will get those luggage back on the last day of our tour.. Now our coach will be abit more spacey..

After all the sweat, and shower, we decided to make our way into the city on our own. The hotel is inside city after all, of course we have to capitalize on this...

Brussels pedestrian street at night

Brussels main street at night, tram tracks running along the road

After 10 minutes, we made it out to the shops..

Group photo 1st

Trying to find out our exact location in the map

We couldn't read Belgian words, so it was a futile effort. Anyway, it seemed like we were near a shopping centre, so we made our way there..

The shopping centre was closed... bloody angmohs.. same everywhere in Europe I suppose.. close early..

Saw this shop, closed also, but can see the products on display

Belgian chocolates!

Haagen Dazs!

It was quite boring actually, none of the shops were open...

Wait, there's something still open!

Quick? What's this?

It's actually a fast food restaurant, and some of us got hungry, so..

Go in la!

See the Menu OK? 3 Euros, the cheapest set available..

This is the Menu OK

Oh ya, Euro is the currency in all the European Union countries, replacing the French franc, Italian lira, German mark etc.. UK is the only bastard country that still uses the British pounds..

And, when we get into France from UK, as well as around the countries in Europe, we don't need a passport at all.. we just go in, it's like the EU has become a massive country by itself... again, UK is the only bastard country that is not like that.. when we made our way back into England from France again, we need to get our passport checked at the customs..

Ok continue..

I wasn't exaggerating when I said Belgians are easy going people

Us with food

After the food, it was getting kinda late, so we headed back to our hotel..

Another group photo before we go back

And another angmoh got into action as well, u should be able to spot him =D

We went to bed.. but Bing was still energetic, he took a few photos of himself on the corridor, and made this picture..

That's how our 1st day in Europe ended.. not the best of starts but... there was some fun in it too =)


Simon Ho said...

lol. UK must be really a bastard country

RealGunners said...

as a matter of fact, i think they are..

they are part of the EU, but they don't embrace the unified policies of the EU..

to top it off, i also feel that generally, English ppl tend to be more racist towards Asians compared to other Europeans..

that's just what i felt la anyway..