Tuesday, June 24, 2008

September 7 2007 - Departing Liverpool

It was finally time.. time to leave Marybone and go on our Amazing Europe Tour..

Leaving our flat

Let's take a group photo with our fellow mates who will go backpacking

Things didn't start too well.. in fact, it was disastrous..

The organiser of the tour, Ah Choy from Sheffield had told us:

U can bring all your luggage with u, no need to left luggage in London or Manchester, because it will be a very big, luxury coach for u guys.

However, what we got was a small coach, which was anything but luxurious, and our luggage?

Half of them ended up like this, on the coach's walkway

It's actually illegal to put our luggage like this, but there wasn't much choice..

We were scheduled to leave by 2.00am, but because of the problem with the luggage, we only left around 6.00am, 4 farking hours of delay!

Well, we did depart finally, am not gonna transfer our frustration back then to u guys so, let's get on with it..

Saw this on the way

I've never seen a car carrier like this in Malaysia before ~_~!

Approximately 6 hours later,

We're here, Dover

We're going to take the ferry across the English Channel to France, and continue from there.. with our coach of course..

Another view of Dover

Our frustration lasted all the way and had not died down..

And we're showing it in the group photo

Waited at the ferry terminal for about an hour, and then we're on board,

Pride of Burgundy, that's our ferry's name

Leaving England

Many angmohs enjoying the air on the deck

Many enjoying their meals too

Self photo

Group photo

An hour out in the sea later,

Calais, France!

French highway, we're traveling at the right side of the road, not left anymore

We made our way to the nearby service area to take a breather and to pick up our tour guide.

The law in Europe states that for every 2 hours of driving, the bus driver have to take a mandatory 15 minutes break. *Is it 15 or 30? Forgot hehehe*

Anyway, let's teach u guys some French..

Dames = Boy

Heren = Girl

Trust me at your own risk XD

We will not be spending our day in France, so we continued our journey, and about 3 hours later, almost 7.00pm European time,

We're in Brussels!

Brussels (or Bruxelles) is the capital city of Belgium. The building in the photo, if I'm not mistaken, is the Basilica of Koekelberg (Basilica of the Sacred Heart)..

Our tour guide, Paul, is a Vietnamese-Chinese who migrated to Paris like 20 years ago, and he speaks to us in Cantonese.. same goes to his explanations on all the architecture and attractions, so we don't really get which building is what actually.. I only google about the names of the places after the tour ~_~"

Brussels street

Amazing reconstruction technique!

They wanted to rebuild this building, but wanted to keep the original looks, so, they kept the shell intact like this, and went on to blast all the inside away and rebuild..

Belgian billboard

Another Belgian building

I'm not really sure what this building is, I remember Paul mentioned this is the high court, but doesn't look quite like the Palais de Justice..

Anyway, we will be having dinner at somewhere near this building.. will continue with the next entry..

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