Thursday, June 26, 2008

September 8 2007 - Amsterdam (I)

When u see this thing in the picture below, it means that we are really inside Holland!


And when u see this road sign, it means we are near the capital city of the country,


But no.. our 1st stop in Holland is not inside Amsterdam, it's at Amsterdam's outskirts..

Woodenshoe = Wooden clogs, 木屐 (muk kek in Cantonese)

Once there, we were shown how they make the clogs, by the in-house craftsman there..

Here's some of the products they make..

Not sure how you're gonna wear this

Clog Violin - creative

Clogs for sale

We're not buying, just taking photos with the clogs =)

Just outside the wooden clogs house, there's this breathtaking scenery..

Windmills across the river!

An hour in the clog house, time to move on to our next destination. This place is inside Amsterdam city..

Gassan Diamonds!

Our guide looks somewhat like a Malay, but judging from his accent, I think he's an Indonesian..

Our guide explaining about diamonds

He mentioned alot of diamond theories, which I remember none of unfortunately.. well, who cares about the theories anyway, we just wanna see real diamonds!

So he took out this diamond that is quite big, and he said is very very expensive.That diamond was wrapped in many layers of paper. He mentioned the karat, but I forgot the number as well XD

Anyway, here's the real diamond that he showed us..

Doesn't look big?

Closer look

Even closer look! See?

Compare the size of the diamond with the hand holding it!

Now u see... hopefully... continue with Amsterdam in the next entry..

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