Thursday, June 26, 2008

September 8 2007 - Amsterdam (II)

After the diamonds, this is next on our itinery..

Amsterdam Canal Cruise!

Paul our tour guide getting our tickets for us, he is the 1 with the black jacket. We got used to calling him, Paul哥 (Paul Kor) XD

This is the boat we will be sitting

Group photo 1st before boarding

The boat captain

Another group photo inside the boat

To be honest, most of us were quite bored with this cruise.. we were tired, sleepy, and hungry..

Anyway, Bing and Peggy managed to capture alot of photos, so I'll just barrage u with the photos..

Retractable bridge

This is the supposed to be world famous 7 Bridges of Amsterdam Canal

The 7 bridges are lined up in 1 row, so u can look through the remaining 6 bridges from this 1st bridge. The photo doesn't seem like it to u guys, but it really is like that..

The widest narrowest house in the world/Europe *forgot*

Amstel Hotel

This Amstel Hotel opened in 1867, and is arguably the most prestigious hotel in the whole of Netherlands.

A view from the boat

Not sure what building this is

The captain did explain all along the cruise, but I wasn't paying attention..

Music Building

I think this is the place where all the opera and concerts are held..

NeMo = New Metropolis, not Finding Nemo

Don't ask me why it's NeMo and not NeMe, I don't know..

But there's a ship beside it, not sure what's the purpose

Sea Palace Chinese Restaurant

This Sea Palace, is NOT our dinner place tonight :'(

We actually felt bored with the cruise.. I'm sure it's just us, because of our hunger and fatigue.. I think if we were in better conditions, I would've listened to all the explanations and enjoyed the cruise more..

End of cruise

Nevermind, tonight there's gonna be something interesting =) ...

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