Friday, June 27, 2008

September 8 2007 - Amsterdam (III)

Like I said, we were hungry, so our next stop is


Not going to blog about dinner anyway.. going to blog about after dinner..

Paul is bringing us to arguably the most famous place in Amsterdam..

Entering the Red Light District!

(18SX from this point onwards, parental guidance suggested =D)

Well, the place is not called Red Light District for no apparent reason. My next photo will tell u why they are called Red Light District. If u don't know what Red Light District means, refer to the photo below too =D

This is Red Light District! XD

Along the main street of this controversial district, there's many many many small units like these, brightly lit with red lights. They will do whatever they can to seduce passers-by, either by dancing (like in the photo), stripping, or just sit there naked facing the public. Yes I mean NAKED, BARE STRIPPED!

If anyone is interested, just go to the door and knock. Then the chicks will go into the room behind, not visible to the outside, then the 'customer' can enter after that. If u happen to see any unit without the chick dancing or stripping around, u know what that means =D

*Shit, I forgot to mention that actually, this district is off limits for photography, according to Paul. There's officers patrolling the area, and if u get caught taking photos, you're so screwed... so u are actually viewing illegal photos*

The main street is filled with those red light units. Abit further down to the alleys, u get

Sex shops

Product on sale

Another signature of this Red Light District is the Live Sex Shows. There's cheap ones

Like this

And this

There's also full fledged ones costing more than 30 Euros per person. Half of our tour group opted to go for the show, while the remaining not-so-wealthy half decided to skip the show, and I'm in the latter half..

U might say that it's a once in a lifetime experience but, somehow, I just don't feel like parting with 30+ Euros (RM150+) for a sex show...

So what did we do while some of them went for the show?

Wander around the streets of Amsterdam

The show lasted for about 2 hours, I think it's because there's a repeat or something, but they came back to the coach really late, and our drive Steve was very pissed with the delay. He was working way pass the 12 hours mark that day and if caught, might have his driving license suspended..

Anyway, made it to our hotel.. NH Leeuwenhorst Hotel.. 45 minutes away from Amsterdam..

Hotel entrance

Hotel lobby

Nothing much to do, since it's far from the city, contradicting with Ah Choy's (tour organiser) claims of "The hotels is very near city centre, u can go out by yourself at night!"

Go to bed, hoping for tomorrow to be fun as well...


Cyren Z. Wong said...

Ola nuffnanger!

You know what I found most interesting and eyecatching about your photographs...was on the sign board saying "live sex shows" underneath there was this thing saying "air conditioned!"

Hahaha I thought that was anyone who is going for a sex show will give 2 cents whether it's airconditioned or not?

GnomeFan said...

hey man..
just walk through the red light district is it?
not trying their 'product'??


Simon Ho said...

haha. man. looks like going to the red light district will be one of the goals in my life that i must achieve before i die!!!

Daryl Teo said...

Had always wanted to go to Amsterdam. Thanks for the revealing pics! Did u guys visit the local 'coffee shops' too, where legal cannabis is sold over the counter!

RealGunners said...

cyren: i think it helps abit though, u wouldn't wanna come out all sweaty as a result of too much excitement right?

gnome: no time @ paiseh la XD

simon: if u can afford it, u should..

daryl: it was dark in there, setting up tripod would be too obvious and troublesome because there's alot of people in there.. else we would've taken more pics

and nope, we just had a walk through to see what's it like actually..

Daryl Teo said...

That's fine RG. I heard that those who indulge in smoking the stuffs had better do it 48 hours b4 stepping thru Msian lines so traces would leave your system first.

RealGunners said...

i went to many other places b4 coming back, so the 48hrs wasn't a factor.. problem is, it was a guided walking tour so there really wasn't any time for us to try out those stuff ~.~"