Thursday, June 26, 2008

September 8 2007 - Brussels Tour

Let's start things off with a group photo over the breakfast table..

Breakfast is continental buffet, as is with most of the hotels in the world..

After breakfast, our tour guide Paul decided to bring us on a walking tour of Brussels. We were supposed to do this yesterday, but because of the unexpected few hours delay, had to bring it forward to today..

First destination: Grand Place

From Paul's mouth, this place is the 布鲁塞尔大广场 (Brussels Big Plaza). From Wiki, this is the Grand Place..

Erm, I'm gonna include the Cantonese name of the places that I remember.. of course I will try my best to tell u what exactly that attraction is called..

Brussels Town Hall (市政厅)

Maison du Roi

Paul didn't introduce this building, it houses a museum called Musee de la Ville de Bruxelles.

Just have time for group photos, and moving on to our next stop..

Belgian street

We were on our way to see the thing shown in this drawing:

Manneken Pis (童子撒尿)

The real Manneken Pis

The real Manneken Pis, without people

We were basically just hushed to the place, and given barely enough time to take group photos.. well, this is what a tour is all about, and having delayed the few precious hours on our 1st day definitely did not help..

Cathedral of St Michel and Gudule

According to Paul, this is 布鲁塞尔大教堂 (Brussels Cathedral)..

I think, it's either the Chinese name for the places is simplified, or Paul just has no idea of the proper, authentic names for the places..

That's it for Brussels city tour.. concluded in less than 2 hours..

Being Malaysians, u know most of us will not be obedient. When we said it's time to move on, there must be some people who can't stop taking photos and lagging behind. Well, I suppose this can't be helped.. we're tourists after all..

Those who are punctual get to camwhore with the bus

Heading to the outskirts of Brussels, this is our last stop in Belgium..

The Atomium

I'm not so sure if there's anything else with this structure, other than the fact that it is the structure of a 9 atom molecule, magnified 165 billion times!

Group photo

Let's end Brussels with a wacky photo =)

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