Thursday, June 26, 2008

September 8 2007 - Service Area in Holland

Erm.. this will not be a post about any attractions..

It's just a service area in Holland (Netherlands actually, but I prefer the classic name of the country), on our way from Brussels to Amsterdam..

I just felt like I wanted to blog about this place, because there's enough photos, and because it looks totally different with our very own Kawasan Rehat & Rawat..

Dutch language time =)

Dank U = Screw U Thank You

I'm going to just show u some photos of the food available..

Some kind of sandwich

Some other kind of sandwich with cheese and ham

Cakes and pastries!


Meat corner

There's all kind of raw meat here: chicken, beef, mutton, pork, fish..

And u get a handsome dude to cook your choice of meat

Food that some of us bought:

There's actually McDonald's in the service area too but.. screw McDonald's right? We're in Europe!

Group photo before our meals

Next post will talk about the essence of Holland...

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