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September 9 2007 - Cologne

3rd day of our Europe Tour, today we will head to Germany..

View outside our hotel

On our way out of Holland, we saw this,

Bolehland Airplane!

Halfway, we stopped at a service area again..

Used the toilet tickets to exchange for a packet of M&M

Forgot to mention, the highways in Europe is toll free also. But u need to pay to use the toilets in the service areas. 0.50 Euro for an entry ticket. And after u used the toilet, u can use these 0.50 Euro tickets to buy things in the shop.

The packet of M&M was 2 Euros, so we collected the tickets from 4 of us to exchange for it. In a way, it's like, u can use the toilets for free provided that u buy things from the shop..

Oh ya, let's show u a video of the toilet bowl, they have a world class toilet bowl's lid cleaning facility XD

Our 1st destination in Germany,

Koln, spelt as Cologne 科隆 internationally

Paul wanted to bring us on a tour into the Cologne Cathedral

But we persuaded him to save the hassle and just leave us alone to wander around for the 2 hours..

It was lunch time, and we were hungry okay? Of course we can't spend our time inside some cathedral!

We made our way to this Cologne Central Station

It's a train station just across the road from the cathedral.. no we're not planning to take a train to somewhere else.. it's just that, Paul told us we can find 2 German delicacy in there..

This is the stall selling the 1st delicacy

German pork knuckles!


The knuckles is quite flavorful, very meaty and very very crispy!

The 2nd delicacy: German sausages!

There's 5 different types of sausages on sale, I forgot the names unfortunately.. but they were really good too! And they all come in a set: sausage, bread and mustard. Mustard is the best sauce in the world =D

We bought 1 of each type

Please, I'm just enjoying the sausage, don't think of something else XD

Good doggie Nick

Paul wanted to bring us into the cathedral, so we should at least get there to see what this cathedral is all about, right?

Cologne Cathedral 科隆大教堂

Human statues outside the cathedral

Germany taxis are totally so different than Malaysian taxi..

Mercedes Benz as taxi!

But then, Mercedes Benz is Germany's national carmaker, just like Proton is Malaysia's national car.. so I suppose it's normal..

It's almost time to leave, let's give u 2 more photos..

Cologne street

Cologne tram

That's all for Cologne.. next stop: Luxembourg

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