Friday, June 27, 2008

September 9 2007 - Luxembourg

Initially, the plan was to head to Frankfurt in Germany, but because the hotels there were fully booked, Paul decided to bring us to Luxembourg, so that we can boast of going to 1 extra country in our Europe Tour ~_~"

Luxembourg is located between France, Germany and Belgium. Official languages for this country is Luxembourgish, French and German. It is said that Luxembourg has the highest GDP in the WORLD!

There wasn't much about Luxembourg city, just a quiet, peaceful and clean place to be. The main attraction in Luxembourg, according to Paul, is the 大广场 (big plaza), which I later found out the name is Place Guillaume II.. 2 things to see in this plaza..

Luxembourg Town Hall 卢森堡市政厅

Equestrian statue of Grand Duke William II

The Grand Duke of Luxembourg is like the king/boss/tai kor of the country, and this William II was the Grand Duke long ago, not sure what his significance is to the country though..

Luxembourg street

Another attraction is this place,

The Grand Ducal Palace

Grand Ducal Palace is the name in English; in French, it's called Palais Grand-Ducal; in Luxembourgish, Groussherzogleche Palais (don't ask me how to pronounce). Official residence of the Grand Duke. According to Paul, this is Luxembourg Palace 卢森堡皇宫.. pfft ~_~"

There's a 3rd attraction that Paul introduced to us..

The Golden Lady

This is the 1st attraction that Paul mentioned to us in English, no Cantonese name.

Actually, the official name for this.. thing, is The Monument of Remembrance (Monument du Souvenir in French), nicknamed Gelle Fra (meaning Golden Lady in Luxembourgish). The nickname is apparently due to the golden statue on top of the monument..

Upclose at the bottom of the Gelle Fra

Actually I didn't wanna include this photo, but I remember mentioning to Cath that I don't have alot of photos taken with her alone, in contrast with the loads of photos I took together with Peggy. Since I found 1 here, so I'll just post it up here =)

Some descriptions of the monument

It's all in Luxembourgish, so don't ask me what it's saying..

There's another attraction in Luxembourg which Paul did not mention I forgot if Paul mentioned or not..

The Adolphe Bridge (French: Pont Adolphe; Luxembourgish: Adolphe-Breck)

1 hour guided tour by Paul, another 30 minutes to wander around, and it's time for dinner again..

After going through all the attractions, those city halls and statues and monuments, it's really hard for me to believe this is the country with the highest GDP in the world.. until when we make it into city centre..

Now this looks more like it!

Another dinner in another Chinese restaurant

To be honest, the Chinese food is getting lousier and lousier as we go. In terms of the dishes, Brussels was excellent, Amsterdam was okay, here we get fried eggs, fried cabbage, and I forgot what else.. but really not that nice..

I suppose it's because of the different price in different countries. While 50 Euros (just an example, I don't know the exact price myself) can get u a nice Chinese meal in Belgium, maybe it can't in Luxembourg..

After dinner, head straight to our hotel. For the 1st time, Steve our driver doesn't have to drive overtime =) *I forgot our hotel's name ~_~"*

Once again, the hotel is nowhere near city centre, and having nothing much to do, we just explored the hotel..


Staircase leading to basement floor

In the basement floor, we spotted a horse carriage! Minus the horse of course..

Random posing

Horse Human Carriage

We also saw a huge wall mirror near the lobby

Playing with the mirror

Sienz... went to bed after that...


Lena T said...

Europe is stunningly beautiful especially Switzerland. Haven't travelled the whole europe though. I wonder did you manage to take pics at the red light district??

RealGunners said...

actually, it's not like they are patrolling the area with 1000 men, it's more like they're counting on u to obey the rules..

being typical malaysians, and students, u know what'll happen when we are told NOT to do something XD