Wednesday, June 25, 2008

流浪@Taking a day off

Have been uploading the photos this morning, intending to continue blogging about Europe, but somehow, just didn't have the heart @ motivation to write up and post..

Guess the emo thingy is haunting me again... it's been almost 2 months now since I 'pek pao' @ resigned, and at the moment, my status is still working from home @ job hunting... sighzz..

So today, I think I'll stop blogging for awhile and do my other stuff..

These will be my friends today

I still have Whatever in my fridge =)

I shall be alternating between:


And this for today

Hopefully I'll feel better by tonight or tomorrow to continue blogging.. And u can get a hint on where I'm going to cover in my coming posts =D


Teddy said...

thanx for dropping by my blog,

just wondering, is the guy dat drives the iswara still alive?

the pic at ur headers reminds me of my skool's rugby team photo.. hahaha

RealGunners said...

~_~" we were trying to pose as a football team.. in Bern, Switzerland..