Sunday, June 22, 2008

UK Summer Semester - Recap

I finally completed my [UK Summer Semester] blog category. It was hard work actually, selecting photos and videos that I deem appropriate interesting, uploading them, arranging them, and trying to think of ways to write my entries to make them more interesting and worth cherishing..

There's 2 points that I have mentioned, might as well reiterate here with bolds:

1. If u paid attention to the entry titles, the dates are between June 1 2007 and September 6 2007. My summer semester WAS back then. The reason I'm only blogging about them now, 1 year later, is because I took alot of time copying the photos from my friends, filtering them, and then my laptop crashed, and I have to find my friends to copy the photos again, and filtering again. Right now, I am in Malaysia, resigned from my 1st job, and working from home measuring land while hunting for my 2nd job.

2. I don't possess a camera. Well, if u consider the built in camera in a Motorola V3x to be a camera, then ok. The many many nice photos that I used in the entries were taken by 3 of my mates: Bing, Peggy and Nick. If not for them, I doubt there would be so many nice photos and videos for me to blog about. Thank you very much @ Terima kasih banyak banyak @ 谢谢 @ どもありがとございます(domo arigato gozaimasu) to u 3 =)

I am so glad that I chose to be a TARCian (TAR College student), and blessed with wonderful housemates, buddies and travelmates. Without them, the experience would have been different, and I doubt it would be more fun without these people..

I do have a number of friends who went to England for 1 or 2 years as part of twinning programmes, and for most of them, the places that they went to were something like: the town where my university is located in, London, Manchester. That's all..

I went for 1 semester (slightly more than 3 months), and the places that I went to: Liverpool, Wirral, Cheshire Oaks x2, Chester, Alton Towers, Manchester x2, Birmingham x2, Blackpool, Newcastle, Scotland, Stonehenge, Bath, London.

Oh, I haven't blogged about London did I? That's because I'm gonna include London in the up and coming new category of my entries. Will get to that later..

There are some disappointments for me. Well I suppose I can't really use the word disappointment, else might invoke a public outcry among those friends who did not go to so many places. Let's just say, there's some places that I regret not being able to find time to go to.

Personally, I would have loved it if I managed to also go to: Lake District, Hadrian's Wall, Wales, Oxford and Nottingham. But, seems like fate has it that I'll miss those few places. Maybe next time, when I'm rich..

I made about 50 entries on this UK Summer Semester, I think I'll put all the links in this post, and bold the entries that are related to my travels throughout the semester, because that might be more relevant to blog hoppers/nuffnangers/people other than my UK mates. Of course, u can view the other entries too, as they are accounts on our stupid and crazy daily life in Liverpool..

June 1 2007 - Departure to Liverpool
June 2 2007 - Groping Around (LIVERPOOL)
June 3 2007 - Pier Head and Chinatown (LIVERPOOL)
June 4-5 2007 - Inductions
June 6 2007 - 1st Day in Class
June 8 2007 - Metropolitan Cathedral (LIVERPOOL)
June 9 2007 - Cheshire Oaks
June 13 2007 - Chinatown & Peggy's Birthday
June 14 2007 - Grocery Shopping
June 15 2007 - Chester
June 16 2007 - Liverpool Cathedral & Albert Docks (LIVERPOOL)
June 18-21 2007 - Wolverhampton and Birmingham
June 29 2007 - World Museum Liverpool (LIVERPOOL)
June 30 2007 - Alton Towers
June 2007 - Culinary Liverpool
June 2007 - What Else We Do At 'Home'
July 1-3 2007 - More Cookery
July 5 2007 - Scotland Eve
July 6 2007 - Edinburgh
July 6 2007 - Stirling towards Skye
July 7 2007 - Isle of Skye
July 8 2007 - Inverness and Around
July 9 2007 - Glasgow
July 11 2007 - Walkers Art Gallery (LIVERPOOL)
July 12-20 2007 - Taking it Easy
July 21 2007 - Liverpool Tour for Eric
July 22 2007 - Wirral
July 23-30 2007 - Rest of July
August 1 2007 - Manchester City and Manchester United
August 3 2007 - Delta Force Paintballing
August 5 2007 - Merseyside Maritime Museum (LIVERPOOL)
August 6-7 2007 - Haircut and Kettle Fiesta
August 8 2007 - Manchester MOSI
August 8 2007 - Manchester Buffet City
August 8 2007 - Manchester Arndale
August 9 2007 - Uncle S (Casino) (LIVERPOOL)
August 10 2007 - Tomyam and Cake
August 18 2007 - Birmingham Canalside
August 18 2007 - Birmingham Bull Ring
August 18 2007 - Newcastle at Night
August 19 2007 - Newcastle in the Morning
August 19 2007 - Blackpool
August 20 2007 - Chung Wah Supermarket
August 21-27 2007 - Relax and Peaceful
August 28 2007 - Liverpool 800th Birthday (LIVERPOOL)
Sept 3-4 2007 - Lloyd's Bar and Exam Eve
Sept 5 2007 - Stonehenge and Bath
Sept 6 2007 - Anfield Tour (LIVERPOOL)
Sept 6 2007 - Last Day in Liverpool

There u go..

I'm going to end this entry by revealing what my next category of entries will be.

Some of u guys might have been reading my travels in the UK and expressed your envy/jealousy at my going to so many places, so now I'm going to invoke more envy/tulan-ness in u by telling u, not only did I travel alot in the UK, I also went on a EUROPE TOUR after the semester ended. And that is what I'm going to blog about after this.

Regarding London, I'm going to blog about this capital of England under the Europe Tour category, because I only visited London after Europe..

Countries I visited during the Europe Tour: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France

I'm going to take maybe a day or 2 to compose my thoughts abit, do some other stuff, and then commence..

If u are interested with Europe, stay tuned =)


The Faux Fashionista said...

Awww thanks for linking ^__^ And whoa, you've been to so many countries! *jealous* I wanna go to Belgium, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France!!!! :(

RealGunners said...

I'm sure u will get your chance :D