Thursday, July 10, 2008

流浪@Another Random Post

Just made it back from Penang again. This is like my 3rd time to Penang in as many months, attending as many interviews with the same company..

I'd like to feel that I've done whatever possible to hopefully get myself a 2nd interview, but somehow, instincts tell me not to feel optimistic... my past experiences tell me that feeling optimistic = no news/updates after the interviews.. let's just wait and see what will happen next week..

I'm really very worried to be honest.. if the things happening recently are of any indication, we are heading towards a gloomy 2nd half of 2008, with a high possibility of extending to 2009, politically and economically. Well, I don't really care about the politics anymore, they're just lousy soap operas anyway..

Well, nope, I care actually, because too much sodomy politicking have given us all sorts of economic trouble.. and lousy economy = lousy job market.. I'm really fearing the worst: might end up jobless for the whole of this year.. shitzz...

I've really had more than enough of misfortunes and bad lucks.. it's about time that something good come to me.. hopefully next week will be good... I'm being on the sidelines for more than I would've like, and am raring to go!! Employers, come and get me!!!

By the way, our cameraman @ photographer throughout the UK Summer Semester and Europe Tour, Bing @k@ Bingky/Handsome Bing has just migrated from Flickr to Multiply, so I've changed the URL in my Tomodachi section.

Bing is a REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY great photographer. I don't think I need to elaborate about his greatness, I'm sure u can see how good the photos I posted are.. and I'd like to reiterate again, THOSE PHOTOS WERE TAKEN BY BING AND PEGGY, NOT ME.. They are the photographers, I am the blogger, it's that simple..

And yeah, our camerawoman @ photographress, Peggy, she also has her Multiply account already. And she is also a REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY great photographress. Actually she created account in Multiply long before Bing, I just forgot to link her. Sorry dai kar jie, now I link u =.=

Hmm, I really don't know what else to write about.. don't feel like Europe blogging anymore for today.. Switzerland is coming up next, but lately, I'm feeling kinda tired and not sure how to write.. I don't wanna make a lousy and uninteresting post...

Maybe I need some time to recompose my mind and sort myself out..

Let's just end this random post with the only photos I took in my Penang trip..

It's food, and it's taken in a certain mamak shop which's name I forgot, somewhere in the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone, near Giant hypermarket, in the same row as Maybank and RHB Bank..

Nasi Goreng Ayam *ish, why the mamak wanna draw that with tomato sauce =.=*

Teh Ais

PS: Waiter - Waitress, Manager - Managress, therefore, Photographer - Photographress


Belle said...

..jobless SUCK BIG TIME. its very hard to endure the minutes of it. argh!

RealGunners said...

and i've been in that phase for 2 months plus liao... sh*t..