Thursday, July 31, 2008

流浪@Disturbing News

Was browsing Malaysiakini when I came across this article:

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today ruled out imposing emergency rule if street protests broke out in the event that opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was arrested.

"I don't think we are going down that road; definitely not," Abdullah told Associated Press in an interview today.

So, why is this disturbing?

Well, I have every reason to feel disturbed! After all, this is a statement made by our very own Mr Flip-Flop..

Remember "Will not re-marry", "Will not dissolve parliament" and "Will not increase" ??

Heck sh*t!! I'm looking for a job, and the worst thing that can hit me will be this... emergency rule... oh no... please......

And it's nearing August ey? Remember some ministerial dude mentioning another adjustment in fuel price in August?? Even more sh*t then.......

Please... some company.. I mean, any company in Penang, liberate me before it's too late... sobss :'(


Yatz said...

now that reminds me too..SHIT!!

RealGunners said...

really shit...

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