Wednesday, July 09, 2008

流浪@It's Not Safe Anymore

Was MSNing with 1 of my dad's ex-staff this evening, and heard of something that happened to her.

She went jogging with her friend the other day, somewhere far lah, which require them to drive from their home to the jogging spot..

This friend of the ex-staff put her bag under the car seat, and they went off jogging..

They came back 30 minutes later, and to their surprise, the bag was not under the car seat, but under the car! I mean, outside the car, underneath it..

Even more surprising, there's no alarm, no broken window, and the car remained locked. The bag was there, but the purse, money, ATM card and handphone were gone. The crook was 'kind' enough the leave the IC and handphone's SIM card in the bag..

Crooks nowadays, they're really amazing.. no need to break windows to get inside the car, and have the composure to pick what they want and leave unwanted things behind, and they even know how to re-lock the car before leaving...

Better be careful u all.. it's not safe at all to leave valuables in the car, not even in the boot or under your seats, out of sight.. just bring them all with u when u leave your car...

On another note, was reading Cheng Tai Tai's blog, and got linked to this funny post by some other people, hahahaha!! Next time I know how to deal with lampe bergers/salesmen/credit card officers more effectively :D


Belle said...

u ah.....never link me for something positive hor!

RealGunners said...

erm...this 1 positive oso ma..not positive meh? :D