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September 13 2007 - Roma (II)

Part 2 of Rome tour..

Moving on from Il Vittoriano, our next destination,

Fontana di Trevi @ Trevi Fountain

Paul told us that this is a wishing fountain 许愿池, and that we can make a wish by throwing a coin into the fountain, but he did not mention any details. While I was trying to look for some info on this place for the blog, this is what I saw from Wikipedia:

"A traditional legend holds that if visitors throw a coin into the fountain, they are ensured a return to Rome ...... it is lucky to throw three coins with one's right hand over one's left shoulder into the Trevi Fountain."

Wtf?! We didn't follow all the procedures! And sometimes, lucky does not equal to wish come true.. and, ensured a return to Rome? Is this a blessing or curse?? @@

Anyway, here's the photos..

Hot chicks by the fountain?

Right hand over the left shoulder, right, but we only throw 1 coin, not 3!

Some people making wish, some people making fun of other people

I forgot to mention something actually, Rome is friggin hot! I mean, it's as hot as KL!

We have to take care of lunch ourselves, and we chose to get something to eat nearby..

Rome is not so friggin congested!

We went to this sandwich shop to buy some sandwich..

Not-so-friendly staff

Their sandwich making machine

Our sandwich

There's an ice cream shop next to this sandwich shop, both the shops are connected.. Italian ice cream is world famous by the way.. well, I'm not so sure whether they are famous, or Malaysian vendors give us that impression, but at least Italian ice cream is more expensive than Cornetto in Malaysia..

Many flavors

Price List

U know, we were used to sharing our food, to save money and to be able to try as many tastes as possible..



Moving on to the next attraction...

View of a back alley on our way

Our destination: Piazza di Spagna @ Spanish Square. 3 things to see in the piazza..

#1 Column of the Immaculate Conception

I can't find the Italian name of this column, I think there's no name for it, the statue on top of it is the Virgin Mary..

#2 La Fontana della Barcaccia @ Fountain of the Old Boat

Group photo

Wait a minute! Why am I not in this group photo??

#3 Spanish Steps

I was walking ahead of the group, and I thought I was very far ahead, so I climbed all the way to the top of the Spanish Steps (as indicated in the arrow).. but seems like I wasn't very far ahead, so I missed the group photo ~.~"

Managed to take a photo with Peggy only

There's many Africans roaming around here... actually I think they roam around all the tourist attractions, just that I encountered them at the top of the Spanish Steps..

1 of them approached me and tried to tie a colorful string on my hand, saying it's a friendship token.. but, it was obvious what he is trying to do.. I just told him: "I have no money with me, my wallet is with my girlfriend down there."

He refrained and left immediately.. of course it's a lie la, my wallet was with me, and I have no girlfriend ~.~"

Our last destination in our tour of Rome is not within walking distance, we need to take the underground train, Metrebus Roma..

Metrebus Roma tickets

This underground train system is very extensive and have many routes, and all of the routes are unified in 1 system, unlike our STAR-PUTRA-Monorail-KTM which are not even extensive...

Route Map

Waiting for the train to come

Will continue in the next post. I'll just give u a hint on what the next post will be about..

The place I will blog about next, is considered the holiest place for more than 1.5 billion people in the world.. there u have it...

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