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September 13 2007 - Vatican City

The last part of our Rome Tour..

Like I said in my previous post (I mean Europe post), this place is considered the holiest place for more than 1.5 billion people around the world.. erm, come to think of it, I think Jerusalem is the holiest? Let's just say, this place is very holy.. hmm... whatever..

Technically, it's not really Rome, this place is a sovereign city-state enclaved inside Rome. It is the smallest independent state in the world..

Yesh, I'm talking about Vatican City...

Official name, Stato Citta del Vaticano @ State of the Vatican City.

The 3 main buildings in here are:

1. Basilica di San Pietro @ St Peter's Basilica
2. Capella Sistina @ Sistine's Chapel
3. Apostolic Palace

Entrance to Vatican City

Basilica di San Pietro

Apostolic Palace, Capella Sistina is inside the palace

Although dress code here is not as extreme as mosques,

Overly sexy outfits will not be allowed to enter the basilica

The queue is very long, we took like.. 30 minutes to get to the entrance of the basilica, and the queue was constantly moving...

Basilica's main entrance

Beside the main entrance, there's a door that's always closed..

The Holy Door

This door is only open once in 25 years, for a great celebration to commemorate a holy day or something.. hmm..

Anyway, we will only be allowed to enter the basilica, so, let's just show u some photos inside..

The reason why this basilica is called St Peter's Basilica, is because this is the burial site for Saint Peter, 1 of the 12 apostles of Jesus himself..

But, we couldn't really get upclose to the tomb itself..

The closest we're allowed is here, the tomb is down there

More photos of what's it like inside..

I'm not a Christian, don't know how to describe these statues, too many of them ~.~"

The dome

This basilica is the largest church in Christianity, and on 1 section of the floor, they actually place marks indicating the size of other churches in the world. If the mark indicates a church's name, it means that particular church is as long as the basilica's entrance and the mark..

Long long section

Outside the basilica, we noticed another famous fixture of Vatican city..

Swiss Guards!

If u are an enthusiast for souvenirs, there's 1 place u have to go in Vatican City..

Vatican Post Office

Here u can buy postcards and post them back home or to your friends and relatives from this post office, using special Vatican stamps..

Hmm, maybe I should post 1 of my solo photo..


The whole of Vatican City is actually an enclave, with a plaza in the middle..

Piazza San Pietro @ St Peter's Square

Maybe I should give u a clearer view with a picture I found from Google..

Vatican City view atop Basilica San Pietro

The end of our Vatican city tour also marks the end of our Rome tour..

Time to get some food for dinner...

The Chinese dinner we get is getting kinda lousy lately.. but I have to say, today's dinner is the 2nd ultimate parlia @ lousy meal we have..

Does this soup look nice?

I tell u, this is the egg & tomato soup with no flavour at all...

The ultimate lousy dinner we had was 2 days ago when we arrived at Treviso from Innsbruck. Don't have photos, but everything we got there are tasteless, the soup there tasted like plain water ~.~"

And I thought Italians are all bloody food experts, according to Jamie Oliver. Maybe that only applies to local food, not Chinese food..

Photo before dinner

We will be spending the night in the same hotel tonight, tomorrow we leave Rome...

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