Wednesday, July 09, 2008

September 14 2007 - Florence

We overspent our time in the Leaning Tower, and our schedule was delayed by more than an hour.. Paul was really pissed...

We have to make our way back to our coach,

But the feeder bus was too crowded to accommodate 40 of us

We were really late, so instead of waiting for the next bus to come, Paul decided that we should walk..

Passed by some housing area, Italian housing area

After almost 30 minutes of walking, we finally made it back to the coach parking area. But our coach was nowhere to be seen! Apparently, Steve got tired of waiting for us and we off for coffee..

So now it's our turn to wait..

While waiting

In all, I think we delayed for more than 2 hours today..

Our next stop: Florence. Also known as Firenze, Florentia, or Fiorenza in Italian..

It was supposed to be a detailed city tour, but because of our time wasting in Pisa, it was getting really late when we arrived in Florence. Steve is going to work overtime again today, and Paul was not happy at all, so he decided that he would not give us the city tour...

Florence streets

So, instead of Florence city tour, we only get to see the 佛伦斯大教堂 Florence Cathedral & 佛伦斯大广场 Florence Big Plaza..

Basilica di Santa Croce @ Basilica of the Holy Cross

Piazza di Santa Croce

Another view of the basilica later in the evening

So that was it, our Florence tour.. dinner and hotel is in Florence as well, but we will be getting no more of historical buildings here..

I'm sure there's many buildings to see in Florence.. after all, this is one of the more famous cities in Italy, with a rich historical background.. we really screwed ourselves up by being late in Pisa..

Sighzz.. anyway, this is the chinese restaurant in Florence,

No signboard, no name, just a small lantern hanging by the entrance

No city tour, so we decided to entertain ourselves in the restaurant with group photo posers for all 4 tables (40 of us in the coach = 4 tables)..

This is the dishes

Not yummy also.. I totally give up on Italian chinese cuisine...

After dinner, it's all the way to our hotel..

It was not the best of nights, and everyone didn't feel like checking out anything.. so me and Bing set off by ourselves to do some things..

Bing went to take photos of the hotel..

Hotel Delta Florence

Caravan park

I'm not sure if they charge the caravans for parking there for the night..

Hotel entrance

Hotel lobby

After taking the photos, Bing came and joined me..

While he was taking photos, I took my laptop, went to the lobby,

And went online

U can choose to use their in-house PC, but I prefer to use my own laptop,

Since they have WiFi zone

Going online in a European hotel is not free of charge. They charge us for the service. That's why today is the 1st time I go online since leaving Liverpool. I was getting desperate to check my mails and wanted to do some last minute finalizing on our London plans after the tour..

Price list for internet service

Internet point card - front view

Internet point card - back view

It was a lousy Florence evening for us. I think we have only got ourselves to blame. We're in a tour, and it's pretty obvious we need to be punctual if we are to make it in tours. And we managed to screw the day up by overstayed Pisa by more than 1 hour...

Paul getting angry is definitely not a pleasant sight, and although it was regrettable that we did not get to experience more of Florence, I think in the end of the day, we only got ourselves to feel sorry for..


Khang Fei said...

What a disgrace for me to have stumble upon ur blog while googling my name.

Ciao Italia
Io parla Inglese no parla Italiano per favore.


RealGunners said...

wtf? what did u google for? i dun remember writing about ng khang fei in my blog wei.. did u just changed ur name to altantuya or anwar?