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September 14 2007 - Pisa Tower

We left our hotel early in the morning..

Today will be another long ride on the coach, heading towards Pisa Tower.. more than 4 hours..

Stopped by for lunch at a service area somewhere in between..

Italy's most famous food is the pizza pasta, so I'll show u some of the pasta sold in the service area's shop..

Many different types of pasta

There's a common misconception among us that Italian noodles are called spaghetti. Well, they are generally called pasta, spaghetti is the common ones we get in Malaysia, the long type of pasta..

Erm.. pasta is like noodles in general, and spaghetti is like.. yee mee, which is 1 type of noodle... haih whatever la.. besides spaghetti, there's linguine, penne, fusili, maccheroni.. my personal favorite is fusili, which I like to call, the screwdriver noodle :)

A service area in Italy is not like a service area in the rest of Europe.. When we stopped by in service areas in Holland and Germany, usually we were the only people there.. but here..

Not really a nice place to enjoy lunch..

There's a first floor, so up we went

It's more quiet in the first floor..

We have never had the chance to try authentic Italian cuisine so far.. we were on a tour, and time is scarce, so it's McD or sandwich for lunch, and Chinese dinner for the past 2 days... and doesn't seem like we will be getting anywhere near Italian restaurants later on.. so I suppose this is a near as we can get to authentic Italian cuisine, in a highway service area..

Linguine and Risotto

Risotto is Italian rice, cooked over the pan, and it's not fully cooked, to maintain some crunchiness in the rice..

Group photo at meal

This service area is not our main point of attraction, just a place for lunch ~.~"

Moving on...

We are going to the Pisa Tower, but there's no parking space for buses over there, we have to park the bus at carpark quite some distance away, and take the local bus to the tower..

Inside the bus

There's really alot of Africans in Italy. There's lots of them in Venice, in Rome, and now even in Pisa!

Africans trying to sell trinkets

They even set up stalls

The crowds in Pisa are crazy too ~.~"

Pisa Tower is just beyond the walls..

The Pisa Tower is located inside the Piazza dei Miracoli @ Square of Miracles. Inside this piazza, there's actually 3 buildings worth taking note of..

#1 Baptistry & #2 Cathedral

#1 Battistero di San Giovanni @ Baptistry of St John..

#2 Duomo di Pisa, a cathedral to commemorate Santa Maria Assunta @ St Mary of Assumption..

Like we care about this 2 buildings.. the only reason we come here is for attraction number 3..

#3 Torre Pendente di Pisa @ Leaning Tower of Pisa

Don't wanna give u history lessons, just wiki for this tower's info yourself.. good enough to know that this tower is senget abit and not standing straight one :)

There's alot of things u can do with this tower to take photos..

Senget with the tower together,

Let the tower lean on u,

Use your elbow to support the tower,

Use both your hands to support,

If u are strong, use 1 finger is enough also XD

Can also split into 2 sides and push the tower

All the above examples should include the word pretend, hehehehe...

That's all for Pisa.. not going to spend the night here, will spend it in another place..

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