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September 15 2007 - Into Switzerland

Leaving Milan, and Italy, we continue with our Amazing Europe Tour.. entering Switzerland..

Switzerland is kinda unique. This country is surrounded by all other EU countries, but due to their neutrality policy, they are not an EU member. Therefore, Euros are not usable here, the currency here is Swiss francs..

However, u do not need a passport to enter this country too. Just like us, we entered from Italy, by highway, and there's no customs to stop us..

Erm, wait a minute.. I think there's customs, I vaguely recall Paul collecting our passports, but end up they just let us thru...

Switzerland is famous for a number of things:

1. They were 1 of the founding members of the League of Nations (now known as United Nations UN), and has the 2nd largest UN centre in the world, largest being in New York.

2. The Red Cross Society is founded in Switzerland.

3. The Swiss Bank is also founded in Switzerland, of course.. famous for privacy and protection of clients' assets and storing money for crooks and criminals, according to Hollywood & TVB...

When we talk about scenery in Switzerland, generally we would be talking about


And this

Italy was hot.. the temperature there is almost similar to Malaysia.. Switzerland is cool, so the moment our coach stopped by the service area, we were up and running immediately!

Cool and relaxing

They can hide behind the SOS post if they wanted to

But me... it'd be Mission Impossible =.=

We won't be doing any activities in Switzerland today. We will be checking into our hotel in Engelberg straightaway. It was already dark when we arrived, and we couldn't find our hotel!

The hotel did show up on the coach's GPS navigator, but somehow, there's no road going to the hotel!

Paul called the hotel, and we soon found out that the hotel is in the middle of a hill, and the only access up there is by the hotel's tram..

Uphill tram

There is actually a road to the hotel, but it's a mud road, not accessible for big vehicles like our coach. The hotel sent a luggage van to our place and collect our big luggage, while we went up by tram..

This is our hotel for the night

Chinese restaurant is a luxury in Switzerland, so Paul said tonight we will have to take care of our own dinner..

Actually he just said there will be no dinner provided for today, he didn't exactly tell us if there will be a place for us to buy our dinner..

But, me and my Totji gang, we knew that everything in Switzerland will be expensive, so when we buy our lunch in McD Milan, we also bought our dinner together, and it proved a wise move..

We arrived at the hotel to find that the hotel's restaurant is closed, and there's no food to be found anywhere near, so most of our tourmates have to eat biscuits for dinner. Some even have nothing to eat.. kesian...

Not us, we have food! Yeah!!

Just too excited to have food while seeing others starve

Dun kacau me eat my burger!

But there's 1 thing REALLY good in this hotel: they have free WiFi!! But only at the area near the hotel's lobby, not in our rooms..

I was among the earlier ones who discovered this good thing and went online straightaway.. then others saw this bare-footed, messy-haired weirdo laptop-ing in the corridor, and soon,

Everyone is doing the same :D

We are actually putting our laptops on the luggage rack used to transport our luggage from the luggage room to the luggage van =.=

I said I was among the earlier ones, so I was done with the internet fairly quickly..

While the rest of them fight it out for space to put their laptop, a few of us decided to go camwhoring outside the hotel..

Hotel's entrance

So our hotel's name is Hotel Terrace Engelberg..

There wasn't really anything to take photos with outside the hotel, and it was really dark..

Then, someone (forgot who) came up with an idea, after knowing that my Motorola V3x has the built-in camera flashlight.. we decided to write our own names with the camera flashlight and take photos of it.. well actually, they did the writing, I didn't quite know what they were trying to do back then..

I'm don't know about photography, but it's something like, set your camera timer for 10 seconds, and then start writing inside the frame.. something like that la..

Bing did a quick demo

Then it's Cannas's turn... remember the timer is 10 seconds..

Cannas 1st attempt, write her own name wrongly =.=

Cannas 2nd attempt, too slow..

Cannas 3rd attempt! Almost there!


Then it's Peggy and How Chen's turn..

This is how Peggy looks like now

Lenglui right? Right?? ........ Say right la, if not she kill me later XD

But, lenglui also no use, not available 1... she only loves How Chen.. u won't stand a chance at all.. I'll show u proof of her love..


Nothing else for the night.. look forward for tomorrow... it's gonna be a fun day...

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