Wednesday, July 23, 2008

September 16 2007 - Bern

I've been putting this aside for long enough, mainly due to my going to Penang for 1 whole week.. and the coming week will be quite hectic as well, so...

Anyway, I split our Switzerland day into 4 parts, and this is the last of the 4..

Leaving Lucerne, we head for another city sightseeing..

This time, we head to Bern.

Group photo in Bern street

This Bern street is Kramgrasse @ Grocer Valley. It is 1 of the main street of the medieval center of Bern city. Most of our sightseeings are actually just along this street..

In conjunction with Euro 2008


At 1st glance, it is just a clock tower, but this Zytglogge is actually a 5-in-1 building for medieval Bern: clock tower, guard tower, prison, civic memorial and center of urban life..

Another view of Kramgrasse

I didn't know Arsenal's manager have his own label =.=


Haus = House, and I hope u didn't think that Einsteinhaus is the house of Sir Isaac Newton or Leonardo da Vinci, and I sure hope that u also know who Einstein is...

Ok, stray away from attractions for awhile...

Does these 2 pics make any sense to u?

No? Maybe a video or 2 can shed some light..

Ok let's move on..

Group photo with Chess Pieces by the road side

Group photo with a bear statue

Oh ya, forgot to mention, bear is a very important animal in Bern, because this city is named after a bear killed by the founder, just like Singapura is named after the singa @ lion killed by Parameswara... hmm.. did he kill the singa ah? Forgot =.=

Aare River

This Aare River is quite unique, because it starts and ends entirely inside Switzerland.. meaning, it doesn't reach the sea..?

Feature the lovely couple la

The medieval part of Bern is three-quarterly surrounded by Aare River, and there's quite a number of bridges around..


Erm.. can't find the English name for this bridge... word to word translation from gives: korn = grain, haus = house, brucke = bridge.. so, Kornhausbrucke = Bridge of Grain House? =.=

Sitting on the guardrail of the bridge

That was more or less it for Bern.. back to the coach and on the move again. Paul had told us that dinner is not provided again today, so we tapao some food before leaving..

Sausage and crispy hard bread, with mustard

We were supposed to head to another city, Lausanne, for another sightseeing session, but...

This is our coach

What happened? Why are we stopping beside the highway? Well, Steve our driver estimated his fuel wrongly, and the coach ran out of diesel about 2 kilometers away from the service area and gas station..

So Steve left us to hang around in the bus, while he made his way to the gas station by foot to buy some diesel..

He came back with some fuel, managed to start the engine and made the bus move, but.. ran out of fuel again once we made it into the entrance of the service area..

U know, the gas station in the service area there is just like our PLUS highway's rest area, at the exit of the rest area.. so we were stranded again..

This time, Steve is helpless..

Have to wait for tow truck

It was really hard work to get the bus into the gas station, refuel, and reignite the engine..

While waiting for those things to be done, we spent our time hanging around in the service area..

Ferrero Rocher Garden??

What is Peggy and Bing doing?

Here, another video..

The results

I forgot how much time we wasted with this incident, but it really was alot of time, and it was really late into the night already..

No Lausanne, straight to the hotel..

But we're not done for the day yet...

What's this unusually BIG group photo?

Birthday cake?

Here's the birthday girl, Vi Dea!

Although the cake looks nothing like Tiramisu ala Secret Recipe, but... u get to celebrate your birthday in Europe! Lucky lucky~~

That's all for our Switzerland day... phew...


Simon Ho said...

OMG. look at the size of that sausage man. and what the hell's ferrero garden???

RealGunners said...

i don't know.. i wanted to say pirated ferrero rocher.. but then, don't think swiss ppl would sell pirated stuff =.=