Sunday, July 13, 2008

September 16 2007 - Engelberg

Today, we will be going to somewhere very exciting! But before that, let's start with a nice view..

View of Engelberg town from outside our hotel

With people

How we went up, that's how we came down, by tram..

Foot of the hill

Remember this scene in Innsbruck, Austria?

This time, we up the level with Cath,

Like this :D

Our destination for the morning is within walking distance, so that's what we will be doing, while taking in as much of Engelberg's view as possible..

Another Engelberg view

There's a nice little river too

After about 20 minutes walk, we arrived at our destination,

Can u recognize a certain Bahasa Melayu phrase?

Actually, we're not quite at our destination yet. Walking is part 1 of our journey to our destination, to really reach the place, we will need to take the cable car..

This is the cable car station

This is the cable car ticket

Yeah, we will be going to Mount Tits Mount Tities Mount Titlis!

Ok back to the cable car..

This is the cable car

U can even strap your bicycle on the cable car O.o

This cable car ride is quite scary to be honest..



I really, purely, genuinely felt scared throughout the cable car ride. I'm afraid of heights actually, but the main reason for me being scared is..

There's only 1/ONE/SATU cable holding the cable cars in place!

I can't help but keep worrying about what might happen if something happened to that cable =.=

Let's show u a video of our cable car ride...

Ok la, we should take some photos of us not being scared in the cable car..

Cannas is very much braver..

She dare to do this!

This is not Mount Titlis, but nice also :)

View of the bottom from cable car

Actually, it's not just 1 cable car ride, it's 3 cable car rides to make it to the top of the mountain: small, medium and big, the ride just now was small..

This is the medium cable car

There's the big cable car too, but I somehow filtered away all the photos of the big cable car =.= .. nevermind, it's not so different from the medium cable car, apart from being bigger in size..

So, what is this Mount Tits Mount Titlis? Well, it's 3 cable car rides from the ground, so obviously it's a very high place.. and if u paid attention to the billboard and the ticket photo, u should have already know what kind of place is that..

If u don't, stay tuned for my upcoming post...

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