Thursday, July 17, 2008

September 16 2007 - Lucerne

Leaving Mount Titlis, we head to the 1st of our 2 city sightseeing sessions..

First city: Luzern @ Lucerne

This is Lake Lucerne

Lucerne city map

The 1st attraction we went to:

Lowendenkmal @ Lion Monument

This is a monument to commemorate the Swiss Guards that were massacred in Paris during the French Revolution..

Swiss watch and Swiss flag

Lucerne is built upon the mouth of the Reuss River, facing Lake Lucerne..

Group photo with Reuss River

Reuss River view

The 2 attractions on this river

No, the goose is not an attraction. The attractions are Kapellbrucke @ Chapel Bridge and Wasserturm @ Water Tower...

On the Kapellbrucke

Reuss River view on Kapellbrucke

We were looking for a public toilet, and Paul told us that we can find it in the train station, so off we went.. on the way..
Posing in front of a telecomms office

This is Lucerne's train station

Inside the train station


There really is a public toilet in the train station. Problem is, 2 Euros per entry! WTF?!!

So instead of going into the toilet, we went looking for food..

Sweet delicacies


We found a McD outside the train station, and McDs always have toilets inside, and it's free of charge so, off we went :D

Toilet settled, food settled, it's almost time to head back to our coach and move on again..

Another view on Lake Lucerne with me in it

View without me

We will be moving on to the next city...

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