Monday, July 14, 2008

September 16 2007 - Mount Titlis

3 cable car rides and 10000 feet above ground later,

On top of Mount Titlis!

In case u still have not make out what Mount Titlis is, well it is a snow mountain!

There's 1 place Paul wants us to go before leaving us alone in the snow,

Glacier Grotto @ Glacier Cave

Cave's description in Chinese

Get a translator, I'm too lazy for that =.=

Inside the cave

Still inside the cave

There's a music machine inside this glacier cave, that can play national anthems of many different countries, so...

The cave was not so big actually, and it was slippery, so after just awhile, we went out to the open...

Yeah! On top of Mount Titlis!

With friends

Another view

It's really up to u, what u wanna do on top of a snow mountain..

U can cuddle around to camwhore

U can also take off your clothes and camwhore

We were all geared up with thick jackets, gloves and stuff, but to be honest, it wasn't really that cold up there. Maybe it's just because of the unusual sunny-ness that day...

But guys, if u really take off your clothes,

U are sure to get it from other guys

Get it, meaning, get some snow stuffed into your pants :D

Well, if u are a girl, things don't get any better though..

U will still be getting it even if u don't strip

They can't stuff snow into your pants (obviously), but they can stuff the snow on your head/inside your jacket, and it's quite an exciting feeling too :D

Besides camwhoring and snow-stuffing, u can also do something more childish, like building a snowman..

And take photo with the snowman

The ice here is pure and edible (probably)

U can also stuff a ciggie into Mr Snowman's mouth, he won't melt

After having alot of fun playing with snow, it's natural that u get hungry,

So u can have lunch in the restaurant on top of the mountain

Remember I mentioned Switzerland is not part of the EU and don't use the Euro,

This is how a piece of 20 Swiss Francs looks like

What goes up will have to come down. We went up, so we will have to go down as well..

Inside the big cable car

This big cable car is a rotating cable car, meaning u can stand on 1 spot inside, and still get to view the scenery at 360 degrees..

Bing heard from Peggy that I was terrified with the small cable car, so this time, he decided to sit with me in the small cable car..

Pretending to be scared

Teenage Mutant Ninja Cannas?

This is the notice at the cable car's door

For your own safety do not rock the gondola... gondola means the cable car..

Of course la.. only have 1 cable holding the many cable cars.. and Bing did rock the cable car a few times, scaring the shit out of me..

If the cable somehow snapped, I won't be blogging about my experience to u right now =.=

That's all for Mount Titlis... next up will be some city sightseeing... not sure when I'll get to that though, because will be heading to Penang again soon..


Simon Ho said...

lol. you sure the cave plays music? cuz all i hear was negaraku being sung by drunk people XD

Xjion89 said...

wow, that was a great view from the snowy mountain. Stripping there was cool!(^-^)

RealGunners said...

simon: 100% sure la.. but.. that's what u get when u put a bunch of self-high people together :D

xjion: absolutely cool, i would recommend everyone who go to snow mountains to do the same :D