Friday, July 25, 2008

September 17 2007 - Going to Paris

Nothing much in today's itinery, the whole day is just to make our way from Switzerland to Paris..

Breakfast at hotel

Bread and cereals

The breakfast room is nice, but no bacon and ham and sausage and egg means the breakfast still sucks..

Our hotel is near Geneva, which is quite near the borders with France..

Leaving Switzerland, heading into France.. Paris will be our final stop before going back to England..

French highway

Let me tell u 1 thing: French and English have never got on friendly terms ever since the 100 Years War (wiki for the history if u want to) long ago, so.. English speaking people tend to get into communication difficulty in this country..

I got my 1st experience on this in the service area..

I was trying to order the food in the menu, using English

10 minutes later, I was STILL trying to order my food, and all I got from the staff was his head shakes and disgusted smiles..

Have to get Paul to help me out

Paul is a Vietnamese Chinese, but Paris has been his home for about 20 years, so he had no trouble helping me out..

Finally, enjoying food

Here's another indication on how the French distastes English..

All in French!

It says something like: Thank you for your visit, have a nice journey.. Exact word by word, I don't know =.=

It's a 7 hours journey to Paris, almost 1 whole day.. and finally, in the evening, we arrived..

Here's a few photos taken by Bing in the bus..

Paris at peak hours

Paris tram

Ferris Wheel of Paris

Champs Elysees

Chinese dinner again tonight, somewhere near the Louvre..

Village de Chine

Instead of round table, we get long table =.=

The dishes

Group photo after dinner

Everyone is dressing free and easy, since we won't be doing any sightseeing.. after dinner, head straight to our hotel..

Our hotel entrance

Best Western le Saint Maurice, Paris

Best Western has many hotels in the world, even in Krabi.. the hotel we are staying in is 3 star...

Rather uneventful day huh... sleep tonight, tomorrow will be payback time...

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