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September 18 2007 - Paris Free and Easy (I)

We will be spending 2 days in Paris *woohoo!!*

Today is the 1st day, according to the itinery, we're supposed to visit the Paris Disneyland today...

Only problem is, the entrance fee is not included in the tour fees, meaning we have to pay for it.. I forgot the exact amount, but it's in the region of 30-50 Euros..

I'm not so interested with Paris Disneyland, because I heard that it's the lousiest of the 4 Disneylands in the world, so to speak.. and I have no intention to part with alot of Euros for a theme park.. and I have every intention to spend 1 extra day exploring Paris at my own leisure..

Actually it's not just me, there's quite a number of us who have the same idea.. we did not want to go to Paris Disneyland, so what?

We struck a deal with Paul: U guys go to Disneyland, we make our own way into Paris city!

That's why, the theme for today is Paris Free and Easy~

Group photo outside our hotel

Armed with a map, and a vague idea of what Paris is, we made our way to the Metro station, which is about 10 minutes walk away from the hotel..

The Metro is like the LRT, rail system inside the city.. only thing is that the Metro is 100% underground, and has many different lines..

Remember I mentioned about French's distaste towards the English language?

Well, we arrived at the station, went to the tickets counter, and tried to buy the day pass.. using English language..

I talked, and talked, and talked, explained and explained, and all the attendant did was keep shaking her head while smiling... wtf man ~.~"

Luckily, Peggy was smart, she used her handphone and took a picture of the price list,

This one

Showed it to the attendant, and pointed the price that we want...

By the way, we bought the 16.30 Euros, Zone 1-2 Day Pass. Zone 3 - 6 is unnecessary, because that's way beyond the city area and non of our business..

3 single journey tickets will cost more than the day pass tickets, so it was an obvious choice to take the Day Pass by the way..

Waiting for the train to arrive

Looking for places to go

We decided to head to the largest public park in Paris..

Forgot which station we got off, but it sure wasn't 1 train.. we have to switch lines a few times, which is quite common here..

Passed by this building on our way to the park..

Theatre de l'Europe @ Odeon

This Odeon theatre is 1 of France's 5 national theatres.. sounds awesome...

Oh ya, I forgot to mention something.. while we were waiting in transit in 1 of the stations, we met 1 Chinese lady who was studying in another part of France and was touring Paris on her own.. she was trying to head to the same place as us, so we let her tag along.. her name is.. Kitty.. I think.. can't really remember.. look for her in the photos yourself :D

Ok, moving on..

At the entrance of the park

The signboard doesn't seem quite right though.. theatre?

Well, I suppose it's because there's a puppet theatre inside this park..

Ok, descriptions time..

This largest public park in Paris is called, Jardin du Luxembourg @ Luxembourg Garden. And just beside the park, is the Palais du Luxembourg @ Luxembourg Palace.

Ok, time for some photos...

Some random photos of the park

There's also lots of trees in this park

I mean, lots of trees

Fontaine de Medicis

This fountain is 1 of the original garden's decoration, built back in 1630..

And here's another fountain..

Fontaine de l'Observatoire

Palais du Luxembourg

This palace is where the French Senate meets.. and I mean IS, not WAS. And well.. the French Senate, is like.. the parliament.. of course, minus the bigfoots and apes as in our country

And the big pond in front of the palace, is known as the Grand Bassin...

Another group photo, with a view of the garden and the palace

I did mention puppet theatre earlier on didn't I? Well, we didn't know back then, so we missed it.. shitzz *sobss*

While we're leaving the garden, we saw a table that resembles a table tennis table..


I have no idea what a table like this is doing in the garden..

And there's another hugely regrettable thing that I didn't know back then... the Saint-Sulpice Church mentioned in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, it's just down the road! And since I didn't know, we didn't go and check it out! Arghh!!!!!

No point regretting.. We parted ways with Kitty after that, and made our way to our next stop..

Rue de la Chausee d'Antin

Ok, I know, this name doesn't make sense at all, it's actually the name of the street...

What if I say, Galeries Lafayette and Au Printemps is located at this street?

1 of Lafayette's entrance

Still doesn't seem to make sense to many, I suppose..

Ok, then, what if I tell u, the 2 names mentioned above are the names of the 2 most famous high class department store in Paris? Does it make sense now? Hehehe :D

I'll just show u some views inside the Galeries Lafayette..

But, the most unique structure in this department store has gonna be this thing..

The inverse Eiffel Tower!

Well, high class stuff are not something people like us can afford anyway, and since we're getting hungry...

McD is the cheapest food u can get in this area


After the food, time to explore the area around...

Palais Garnier

This building is also known as the Paris Opera.. and it is 1 of the main opera house in Paris *obviously*

Galeries Lafayette view from Boulevard Haussmann

Boulevard Haussmann is the main street running along the area, and it is quite famous too..

Continue in the next post...

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