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September 18 2007 - Paris Free and Easy (II)

After some window shopping, time to move on...

Metro station near Lafayette

Our destination,

The signboard says it all

Palais-Royal Musee du Louvre @ The Louvre Museum, used to be the royal palace for the French monarchs..


The museum viewed from Rue de Rivoli

Rue de Rivoli is arguably the most famous street in Paris... erm, make it the 2nd most famous, and is featured in The Da Vinci Code, in the 1st and last chapter of the book...

Ok, to be honest, the reason I know about this museum is because of the book, otherwise, I won't have a clue to what this building is..

The Louvre's plan

The most famous architecture of the museum is located at its courtyards,

The Louvre Pyramid

This pyramid is made of stone bricks glass and metal, commissioned by King Tut Francois Mitterand (France's president in 1984). The designer is Chinese, I M Pei @ Pei Ieoh Ming...

There's a huge controversy surrounding this pyramid, as it was said that the total glass panes used to built this structure is 666. This number is associated with Satan of Dragonball of the Bible and Christianity..

Another photo with the pyramid

Doing a Sleeping Buddha pose

Well, guess I'm doing something pretty controversial too.. doing a Buddhism related pose in a building that sparks controversy for Christians XD

The big pyramid is surrounded by a few triangular ponds, and 3 smaller pyramids, like the 1 in the photo above..

Another view at the pyramid

Won't be going into the museum today, because that is going to be part of the itinery for tomorrow, today will just involve FOC outside sightseeing..

Enough of pyramids, let's move on..

Beside the Louvre museum, is the Jardin des Tuileries @ Tuileries Garden.. we made our way through this garden (I somehow filtered away all the photos related to this garden, sorry-.-") into Place de la Concorde..

There was 1 golden statue standing in the middle of the road near this plaza..

Statue of Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc is a national heroine for France, who supposingly led the French to many victories against the English in the Hundred Years War. And by the way, this Hundred Years War is the reason why French and English are generally still at loggerheads till this day..

The baffling thing is, this statue is erected in some sort of a mini roundabout in the middle of the road, so u can't really get a decent camwhore photo with this statue..

Back to Place de la Concorde...

La Grande Roue, the ferris wheel of Paris is located in this plaza.. it's amazing that I can't find any recent info on this ferris wheel. Most of the sources said that this wheel has been dismantled in 2000 or 2002.. but then... it was still here.. in 2007... -.-"

Peggy? That is umbrella, not telescope -.-"

Oi! I said, that's UMBRELLA! Not guns la! Aduhai -.-"

The ferris wheel is actually not the most famous attraction in the plaza..

This is the most famous attraction

So what is this long piece of thing that looks like dick monument?

This is the Obelisk of Luxor..

So, what is so great about this obelisk thing? Well, this obelisk actually belonged to the Luxor Temple in Egypt, and the French shipped it back to Paris in 1833..

A stitched product of the obelisk

The plaza is directly connected to.. without doubt the most famous street in Paris (which is the reason why Rue de Rivoli is the 2nd most famous)... coming up in the next post...

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