Monday, August 04, 2008

September 19 2007 - Paris Guided (II)

We're being guided to the Eiffel Tower again... nothing much to camwhore about here today..

Here, Eiffel Tower again

Big group photo

But we saw something here that we didn't see yesterday...

Africans trying to sell keychain souvenirs

Eiffel Tower keychains

Many of us bought those keychains... me NOT being 1 of them.. I'm no good with keeping souvenirs anyway...

Almost everyone bought at least 1 of them

Leaving Eiffel, we head to yet another place that we came to yesterday.. this time give u a better view of this world famous street...

Champs Elysees

Arc de Triomphe

This triumphant arch is located in a roundabout, with cars circling around... to get to the arch upclose,

There's underground tunnel links

Now we're standing below the arch

Peggy disrupting my solo photo

Me disrupting Peggy's solo photo in return

Paul brought us to a souvenir shop in 1 of the lanes linking to Champs Elysees to look at possible buys (wonder if he gets commission for bringing us here)..

The saleswomangirl

Since Paul brought us here, just give this shop some coverage lah...

Perfumes they sell, among many other things

Oops, just realized, I don't even know the shop's name -.-"

The moment we step into the shop, we know we're not gonna buy anything there... let's just get out of it and wander around again...

Paris is encouraging people to conserve fuel and travel less in cars..

Rental bicycle along Champs Elysees

But of course, since we're talking about the most fehmes street in the world...

Nice cars are common along the street too

We didn't take alot of photos here yesterday, here's more courtesy of Bing...

Some shops along the street

There's more photos from the Toyota showroom too..

Weird Unique looking cars

F1 car toys

Remember the LV shop that got all 10 of us excited yesterday? Well, it got all40 of us excited today!!.. and....

Jeng Jeng Jeng~ someone bought something, hehehe, 富婆 (fu po @ rich lady)

The paperbag

The content

Shopping and window shopping are energy consuming activities, and we're all hungry... time to head for dinner...

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