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September 21 2007 - 1st Night in London

We wanted to have some Chinese food for dinner, so there's only 1 place to go to obviously, and that place is d*mn far from Tower Bridge, so it's time to take the Underground again..

This station is really near the real London Bridge, which is quite near Tower Bridge

It's evening, pretty much peak hour as all the locals just finished work and going home in droves.. so the Underground train looks pretty much like our LRT in the evening..


The place we're headed to, obviously,

Chinatown London!!!

London's Chinatown is the largest and most happening Chinatown in the whole of UK, maybe even Europe!

Went to a decent looking Chinese restaurant and ironically, the waiter that attended to us is a Malaysian, employment legality unknown la, no need to kepoh so much XD


Before u begin to eat, u shall pray take group photo

Like I said, Chinatown London is the most happening in the UK...

Here's proof

We've been out since morning, and we're all really tired after dinner, so some of the gang decided to go back to the hostel and rest...

I am NOT part of them, I am part of the more active bunch, we decided to pay Eric a visit... and this require us to take the Underground again...

Sh*t! This happens almost daily at night, we were told

Eric is staying in a place in Inverness Terrace, which is 1 street away from Queensway, and he agreed to meet us at the Queensway station...

We actually just wanted to check out his accommodation, but distractions are aplenty on the way...

Peggy and Eric in a souvenir shop

Another set of whacky T-Shirts for sale

So, where exactly is Eric staying?

Yeah, this is the place!

Malaysia Hall London! This was initially where we wanted to stay too.. After all, it's by far the cheapest accommodation for Malaysians in London..

£7 per night per person, u get a bed in a room for 2; compare to our Generator Hostel: £10 per night per person, u get a bed in a 10-bed dorm.. BUT, the limit in Malaysia Hall is max 2 nights stay, not really a good idea for us because we're staying in London for 5 nights...

And there's a curfew, the hall close doors at 10-11pm and if you're late to make it back, you're screwed...

Ok, let's give u more photos of this place...

Jalur Gemilang

Officially opened by our 'beloved' Pak Lah

Here's some sort of a lobby for the hall

Registration counter

Seems like there's someone new moving in for the night..

I heard that the max 2 nights limit only apply to us, non-Malays... If you're a Melayu, u can always extend your stay at this cheap accommodation as long as u want... but I just heard this from others, not a verifiable fact... although it seems probable, given our gomen's wonderful record with racism...

This notice really got us all in tears and excitement

After all, it has been more than 3 months since we last saw something written in Bahasa Melayu...

That's it for our 1st day in London.. made our way back to our Generator Hostel, showered and doze off in anticipation for day 2...

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