Monday, July 28, 2008

流浪@Sorry for the lack of updates

Have been getting a few inquiries on what's going on with me lately..

If u have noticed, I have almost stopped my Europe Tour entries in the recent week or 2...

Well, like I said before, I was in the midst of job hunting, and still am at the moment.. the past 2-3 weeks have been hectic, albeit not so productive, for me...

I'm really getting ultra nervous and anxious as time flies by, so I tend to study like there's no tomorrow for any interviews that popped up, so much so that I've almost neglected my blog..

Well, I did come back and check things out once in a while, as well as blog hopping now and then, but doing the posts consumes significantly more time, and time is what I lack right now..

Was trying to upload some photos and come up with a new entry today, but the connection absolutely sucks.. took me 20 minutes to upload 5 photos, and I gave up..

Will try again tomorrow.. I'm almost nearing the end of my Europe Tour posts anyway, there's just Paris and London left... hopefully will let u see more of them soon...

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