Sunday, July 13, 2008

流浪@Ultimate Reply for Job Application

I should be blogging about Mount Tities Mount Titlis now, but was lured into an intensed MSN discussion, and it's getting late now, so will get to that tomorrow..

Right now, I wanna share with u the most interesting reply for a job application I have received so far..

As u all might have known, I am actively looking for a job now, so it is natural that I send alot of application emails and applications thru Jobstreet...

I have also received alot of auto generated replies confirming the receipt of my application, and few days ago, this reply from Motorola really caught my attention..

I have never seen any replies that come in multilingual form =.=

Room for improvement: maybe they can include Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well XD

But then, maybe I shouldn't make a joke out of this application reply.. I'm hoping to get some news from them after all...

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Harry said...

good luck in ur job