Sunday, July 20, 2008

流浪@What Bon Odori Means to Me

I'll tell u an embarrassing fact: I've never been to any of the annual Bon Odori festivities in Shah Alam throughout my life.

So, since I'm hanging out in Penang with my friends while hoping for something good to turn up, decided to check the Bon Odori festival in Georgetown's Esplanade last night..

I'll give u some descriptions on what Bon Odori is in my future post, but let's just say that it's a festival related to ghosts..

So naturally there would be ghost house

For me, Bon Odori is not so much about the Japanese chicks, dances, food or culture. It's more about rich spoilt working class people coming to show off their BIG BABIES and click away..

What do I mean with the BIG BABIES? I'll show u with photos..

This is Peggy with her BABY

Here's more random people with their respective BABIES..

I took all these pics with my almost 2 years old Motorola V3x (because I obviously am not well off and DO NOT OWN A BABY LIKE THEM!). It was pretty sad and depressing for me, seeing so many expensive DSLRs being flashed around as if they don't cost any money at all, while I fool around like... a fool, taking lousy photos... with a handphone =.=

I kinda gave up and left the photo taking task to Peggy, while I cheer myself up with..

This: Asahi Beer

Don't know what "Super Dry" means

Japan's No 1 Beer! Don't play play ah!

I really just wanted to show off my lack of pleasure last night seeing so many people flashing around their expensive toys.. I'm going to Peggy's place to copy her photos so, next post will really be about Bon Odori in a more conventional way :D


.:: gHoOi ~* said...

Bon Odori means beautiful fireworks !!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Simon Ho said...

hmm.. Bon Odori. but where are the fireworks?? looks more like a camera exhibition to me. will be waiting for the next post :)

RealGunners said...

ginhooi: yeah, but i heard from those who went annually, this year's fireworks seems more lousy compared to previous years..

simon: this post is all about pictures i took from my handphone. there's another 2 cameras, 1 taking the event and 1 taking the fireworks.. i just copied the events photos today.. will hav to wait awhile longer for the fireworks, bcz hav to wait for my photographer friend..

.:: gHoOi ~* said...

they have fireworks in penang's Bon Odori. im not sure if they still have it now :) a few years back already, but the memory is still fresh :D

pikey said...

The best part of Bon Odori is the dancing.... but I hope the food price can go down a little... been there for 4 years and I think I have enough of that, kekekeke

Glad to know you enjoy your first one...

RealGunners said...

ginhooi: yeah they hav, i saw them, i just heard from the locals that, the fireworks this year are not as flashy as previous years ones..

pikey: u r absolutely right.. but then, fairs like these, kinda expected overpriced items.. haih..