Wednesday, July 02, 2008

流浪@Who will be the PM come Jan 1 2009?

*edited: supposed to be 2009, not 2008, Jan 1 2008 already passed ~.~" sorry*

We Live In Interesting Times - that's how Tony Pua put it in his blog. I think that only applies to all the politicians, with all the drama going on at the moment..

I quote Mos Def @ Left Ear from The Italian Job:

"We're up shit creek!"

I feel that's more appropriate to describe the current situation for us, the ordinary rakyat...

Crime rates and essentials prices are increasing exponentially, the stock market is plummeting rapidly, public transport and law enforcers integrity deteriorating.. seriously, how can this be interesting to us???

Anyway, I just got kinda blur with too much C++ throughout the week, and I didn't feel like blogging about Europe, so for once, I'll try to be a speculator XD

My title says it all: Who will be the PM come January 1st 2009? Here's a few probable candidates I think, either with a genuine chance or outside chance..

Although his credibility is already almost nonexistent for many of us, but he is still the man after all. Any normal human would've let go with so much public pressure, but not this man. He will not go down without a fight, and he has all the means to do so at his disposal..

If he stays on, we would really be in serious serious trouble. In my opinion, he has done more than enough to screw us all up in the past 4 years. For people who just wanna get on with life, he is probably the worst case scenario..

He is a poor chap actually. We all expected him to be named as the successor in 2003, didn't we? End up he became the No 2. But being No 2 is at least better than being just a normal minister. All seems rosy for a few years, but suddenly, a tsunami swept the nation last March..

His fortunes turned worse after that. Somehow, his name got involved in the Mongolian murder case, and his prospects seems dimmer by the day. To make matters worse, the No 1 has not announced the proper power transition timeframe, maybe the No 1 has no intentions to let go yet..

If u ask me, I don't really want some *bomb bomb* player suspect or someone who has no idea what "net exporter" means to be our new PM lor, dangerous for us both physically and economically ~.~"

Seriously, I really cannot say for sure whether he has done what was alleged of him or not. At least, unlike the ex-Health Minister, there's no concrete evidence, like a video, to prove that he's really done that. Somemore, he has back problem what, how can he perform the various maneuvers anyway? But then, nothing is impossible for politicians...

He is by far the most popular man in the country right now. He seems to be championing the rakyat. I don't really trust politicians anyway, regardless of their sides. But the most important thing that we all need right now is drastic changes, and this is what he represent, at least for the moment...

The thing is, he seems to only think of wanting to be PM above all else. Championing the rakyat seems to be 1 of his venues to garner popular support. I really doubt that he will fulfil alot of his promises once he get into power..

Below the No 1 and No 2 of the "Em, No?" party, I believe all have the same keris waving mindset. There's a few with outside chances to overtake No 2 though.. just like how we didn't expect the current No 1 to be where he is..

All have common flaws: saying/doing the wrong things at the wrong time, shoe polishers, lacks proven track records..

No thanks...

One said he will be vying for the top post come year end, provided enough nominations be garnered; the other just can't stop talking even though we know he has a tendency to forget things and most of what he says are crap.. both of them are highly unlikely candidates, but, u never know.. Even Michael Jordan can come out from retirement a few times...

Man of the yerteryears.. why can't they just disappear into the sunset and enjoy old age?

For me, there seems to be no decent choices for us.. whoever goes up, we are more likely than not to continue being entrenched in deep shit for years to come. The future seems gloomy to me...

"We're really up shit creek, mates!"

I would love to see 1 thing happen though..

Will a blogger-turn-politician become blogger-turn-minister? Hmm...

On another note, came across this interesting article while blog hopping just now..


~YM~ said...

1st shit: No such blogger can be minster, cos of many factors, even of his skin.

2nd shit: Come Jan 1, 2008, Badawi is the PM. Why? Cos it is the PAST. Coming soon is 2009.

3rd shit down the bowl: Whatever happens, we're all in deep shit!! :P

RealGunners said...

fark, 2009 shd be ~.~" i mistaken the year.. thx for the correction..

joshuaongys said...

cool stuffs dude, cool stuffs

BernardC said...

Shit!! Anyone form the "Yes sir" party cannot be trusted one!! How can?

Look at Sabah dude, the situation here is even worst than u think!! It's becoming MUSLIM States because of the human Imported here. Never in the constitutional or even Sabah's one state that only Malay can become Chief minister and he just can't let off his post. So the indigenous Kadazan Dusun and the Chinese will never be CM anymore, froever stuck as Dep CM. screw ppl known for waving keris.


RealGunners said...

joshua: just some lousy crap la :D

bernard: actually, in my opinion, all politicians cannot be trusted..