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September 18 2007 - Paris Free and Easy (IV)

I mentioned we have something more important to rush to, this is the thing...

Eiffel Tower

We can talk about Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, or the Louvre, but let's face it: Eiffel Tower is THE icon of Paris..

Group photo with the tower

If u have realized, all the group photos either have Peggy missing or How Chen missing, that's because they are the photographers..

We're really excited to be at this iconic tower...

We actually intended to take photos of this Eiffel Tower in 3 conditions: daylight, sunset and night.. the photos above are daylight..

Here's sunset

It's getting dark already, lights on

There's still sometime before it gets completely dark so, by my suggestions, we decided to go check out another attraction nearby: Statue of Liberty

Wait... isn't this the statue in New York??

Well yeah, the most famous 1 is in New York, but it was a gift from the French, and there's another smaller version in France, and this smaller Statue of Liberty is located on a small island in river Seine, near the Eiffel Tower..

This is river Seine

Quite modern in this part of Paris

But, after 10 minutes, the statue is still nowhere to be seen, it should be visible here according to the maps...

It was dark already, so we decided to forget about the statue, and head back to Eiffel Tower..

Yay! Eiffel Tower at night!

We're quite happy already with this, but suddenly....

Wow! Lots of lights flashing from the tower!

Peggy begin to set up tripod for us to take solo photos with this unexpected occasion,

My solo photo

There's 10 of us in this free and easy trip, 9 of us took our photo, and when it was finally Peggy's turn...

WTF?? The lights went out!!??

Gosh... she has been helping us take the photos, and when it is finally her turn.... this shit happened..... *sorry Peggy~*

Nevermind, we come back tomorrow night ok? :D

Let's give u more Eiffel Tower at night..

We decided to call it a day, but before that, we wanted to take night view photos with the attractions we went to for today...

Arc de Triomphe at night

Louvre Pyramid at night

That about wraps up our Paris Free and Easy day... 4 posts in total...

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