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September 20 2007 - Back to England

This will be the start of a new category, following closely after the Europe Tour events

About an hour across the English Channel...

Dover again~

British Motorway

After 14 days of traveling on the right side of the road, it somehow felt awkward to be on the left side again -.-"

Another few hours on the motorway, and finally, we reached our destination at night...

Hello London!

Ok, this photo doesn't tell much about London at all... let's move on...

Our designated drop off point,

London Euston Train Station

While we were busy unloading the bus, sorting out the luggage and saying goodbye to our tour mates, Bing went into the train station to snap some photos...

So now, let's give u a sneak peek of this biggest train station in London...

Like a small shopping centre

Trains and platforms

11 of us will be checking into a backpacker hostel that I booked before heading to Europe.. We would've went to the Malaysian Hall because they are really the cheapest, but they have a restriction of maximum 2 days stay, and we will be staying for 5 days..

So I chose Generator Hostel, because they are cheap, and received generally favourable ratings from a few backpackers website, and most important of all, near to a few Underground stations as well as London Euston..

A couple of us will be heading to Barcelona and will only spend 3 nights with us

And the receptionist, she's of Malay heritage. I mean, her mom is Malaysian, but she's born in London... well at least that's what she told me...

Me dealing with the receptionist

The rest of them camwhoring at the hostel lobby

Bing went around and took some photos of the hostel, so I'm going to give u some extensive photo coverage of this hostel..

Fuel Stop - this is where they serve dinner

This hostel is actually also a club... I mean, clubbing kind of club... so from dinner time until midnight, non residents can come in and party too..

Pool table and TV Lounge

Dining area

Generator's very own travel shop

Ciggies vending machine

This is the kiosk for us to purchase internet access coupons

There's 2 ways we can use the internet here...

We can use our own laptop in the dining area in this WiFi lounge


We can use 1 of the computers they set up around the TV Lounge

There's different types of rooms in this hotel: 4 beds rooms, 10 beds dorms and 12 beds dorms..

This is a 10 beds dorm

Toilets and showers are shared, 1 of each in every floors... they have 5 floors by the way...

And because of our large group, we have to spread out and sleep in different rooms instead of getting 1 whole room for ourselves...

Tonight we sleep, tomorrow we'll kickstart our 4 days London Tour...

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