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September 22 2007 - London Eye

Like I said a few posts back, will only cover London Eye later on..

Well, now is the later on that I'm talking about...

London Eye

British Airways London Eye, also known as the Millenium Wheel, is was the tallest ferris wheel in the world, is still the tallest in Europe, and the most popular paid tourist attraction in the UK.

The London Eye is not built by British Airways, they are just the sponsors.. hence the name...

London Eye with us

Another angle

It's getting dark actually, exactly what we planned for.. we want some night view on the London Eye...

Can get a nice view of the Houses of Parliament from where the London Eye is located

This is the walkway towards to boarding platform

Queueing up for our turn

This is the capsule

Each capsule holds about 20 people...

Not all of us opted to take this ride, because it was quite expensive (I forgot the exact price, but it's well over £10 even after discounts) but heck, for me, if there's 3 paid attractions that u absof*ckinglutely have to take in London, it's gonna be the Emirates Stadium, London Eye and Madame Tussauds! Oops, gave out some hints on 2 of my future posts hehehe..

And 1 more thing before I proceed, I got feedback from people saying that it would be better if I give more details on the pricing and location info of the various places I've been to...

The thing is, prices vary annually in the UK, the prices I paid for last year will definitely not be the price now, and also, I don't really remember all those details anymore -.-" ... And the location info, well even if I mentioned, you'd probably be confused. I can tell u the London Eye is located in the South Bank Centre, and it won't ring a bell for most of u guys anyway..

If u really are interested with the details, u can always google them, the places I've been to are fairly popular tourist attractions anyway... as for me, I think I'll stick to photos and brief descriptions...

Ok continue with the photos..

In the capsule

This is shot from the highest point of the wheel

If u have height phobia acrophobia, it can get quite intimidating up there, but it's actually very secure, so don't worry :D

The view up there... to describe it as spectacular is quite an understatement..

But 1 major flaw inside the capsule is that, there's no lights on for us to take photos and hence,

This is what happens

We don't really wanna use flash, because the photo would probably turn out horrendous... so I came up with a very simple but practical solution, thanks to my Motorola V3x..

U know, some phones have that very sharp and bright flash light built in with their cameras? Fortunately, my V3x is 1 of those phones, so I switched it on and flashed it on the person's face and..

Here's the result

We took turns to do it and everyone gets a fairly decent photo inside the capsule...

Another photo before the ride ends

The entire ride took about 30 minutes for 1 encirclement... if u ask me, it was £££ well spent.. really a great experience...

We have spent yesterday staying out till late at night, and also came out and stayed out since morning today.. It's really very tiring u know, so we decided to call it a day and head back to hostel...

The nearest Underground station is Westminster, just across the Westminster Bridge...

Heck, Underground is so long a word to type... the rail system can also be called, the Tube, so this is what I will be using from now on -.-"

London Eye view from Westminster Bridge

Another London Eye view on Westminster Bridge

1 last photo...

This is taken at the Russell Square station

Usually there's escalators in most of the Tube stations, but this Russell Square only have 2 lifts and this staircase..

Ok, that's our 2nd day in London...

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