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September 24 2007 - Last Night in London

This is gonna be our last night in London, so before we leave for Manchester Airport tomorrow, we decided to pamper ourselves with a proper dinner and a decent looking Italian restaurant...

The menu displayed outside the restaurant

Ponti's is not exactly a very famous restaurant... well maybe it is, but I've never heard of it..

It's located in a lane just off Oxford Street, and we're hanging around there doing some last minute shopping, and it looked nice, so we just went in..

Nice deco at the counter

I really wanted to pay a visit to Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, but I don't know where it is, so that'll have to wait till 2012 when I go to London again for the Olympics hopefully.....

I've mentioned that 3 people left the group to head to Barcelona.. today, another 2 left after Madame Tussauds.. Jason and Wing Ling had some other places to go and they're not on the same flight as us, so we parted ways...

So that's just 7 of us left...

While waiting for food to be served, camwhore time..

3 lengluis

Loving couple, Peggy trying to act seductive lolz

And this 1....

I was cheated into smiling, but Peggy set the camera to macro mode and was focusing on the glass instead... wtf !@#$%^&*

And then she took this when I got pissed

Food finally arrived...

The last dinner group photo

It's a nice restaurant here, so we're kinda paiseh to set up tripod here, have to sacrifice How Chen to be cameraman...

So happy to see the food

I'm happy too, although my face doesn't show it

Because I was hungry and just wanted to dig in ASAP... I actually forgot the names of all the food..

More photos of happy people and good food

It was a great dinner... u know, we always share food in the UK whenever we dine out, due to the budget constraint, but today we really have 1 main course and 1 drink per person... nice food, nice company, nice atmosphere... superb!

It was getting late, but it was our last night in London, we can't just let it end like this can we?

Well, there's actually 1 more thing on Peggy's to do list, so off we go...

While on the tube...

How Chen curi snapping

Still haven't realized

Peggy noticed, Keen still oblivious

Hahaha finally realized

Brain, Cath and Cannas have higher cam awareness

So, what's the last to do thing for Peggy?

Well, we have night views on Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Louvre Pyramid in Paris; London Eye and Houses of Parliament here in London.. we should have some night views for Tower Bridge as well!

There u go~

I was really really tired actually

And here's The Scoop

And another group photo, just for the sake of taking photos

Finally we made it back to the hostel... but I wasn't allowed to go to bed...

Was dragged into playing cards

With Peggy and How Chen

Actually it's because Peggy has some coffee and hot chocolate sachets that she stole took from various hotels in our Europe Tour, and she wanted to finish them up...

We finally slept at about 1.00am.... @@

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