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September 24 2007 - Madame Tussauds I

Day 4 in London.. and today, we will be going to the 3rd of the 3 MUST GO paid attractions in London, according to my list..

Madame Tussauds, is a very famous wax museum in London.. there's branches in Amsterdam, Berlin, Las Vegas, New York, Washington, Hong Kong and Shanghai, London is the main 1, the biggest and most famous, mother of all wax museums if u like it known that way...

#1 Greeted by this sexy chick at the entrance

Why is the wax museum so famous? Well that's because the wax museum houses wax figures of some of the most famous people in the world, from the past till present... in fact, some of them are so famous that I either forgot their names, or have no idea who they are -.-"

There's a saying: If u have not been to Madame Tussauds London, then u have never been to London at all... it's just like KLCC to KL... the icon...

The price.. yeah it's bloody mahal, £25 per person, if u buy at the Tube station, u get it cheaper, but us.... we got something even better...

When we 1st arrived in Liverpool, Iceland was giving out coupons of Buy 1 Free 1 to any Tussauds Group attractions, and we have loads of these coupons so... half price for all of us :D

#2 Another chick

So if u see some pichas here that have no descriptions below, u know what that means lah~ U can either forget who that fella is as well, or u can leave me a comment telling me the name of that fella.. hmm.. maybe I'll number them..

They actually have a few sections... celebrities, movies, sports people, historical figures, world leaders, etc...


#3 I remember this guy is a comedian, can't recall his name suddenly

#4 The Rock is cookin' posin'

#5 Shit, forgot what's her name too

Forgive me, because I'm really not so into the names of actresses, and I don't follow angmoh music that much... I just know the chicks figures looks familiar, famous, and hot XD

#6 Keira Knightley, Piratress of the Caribbean

#7 Three hot hunks

Kena throw with rotten vege Ok ok, just 2... Orlando Bloom and Leonardo di Kopi-O Caprio

#8 Cannas's dream guy

#9 Samuel L. Jackson

#10 Mr and Mrs Smith

Wait, I'm jealous, do something about it 1st...

#11 Here, I get Angelina Jolie for myself, hehehe

#12 Two lovely couples?

Becks should be a sportsman, but I think it's because of his wife and his celebrity status that he is among the artists here..

#13 Now I get Jennifer Lopez all for myself too wahahahaha!!

#14 The Naked Chef

Jamie Oliver is English, and well, he's a celebrity chef, so I guess his being here is justifiable..

Ironically, non of my friends know who Jamie Oliver is, it took me quite some time to explain to them his popularity..

#15 This is after everyone knows who he is


#16 Sub room for Pirates of the Caribbean

I think this franchise is really very popular here, they have their own room for exhibits..

#17 Captain Jack Sparrow

This room is not all about the wax figure of Johnny Depp, there's also treasure chests and other memorabilia on show...

#18 This, is NOT a wax figure, she's real!

After the Pirates room, we came to another big chamber with many many wax figures of famous movie people...

#19 Steven Spielberg

#20 Arnold Schwarzenegger @ Terminator: I'll be back!

#21 The Hulk and the Hulk Junior

I think I'm gonna spread this Tussauds experience into 2 posts.. getting quite long d...

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