Saturday, August 23, 2008

September 24 2007 - Madame Tussauds II

Part 2 of our Madame Tussauds experience...


#1 Jose Mourinho, just sacked recently back then

U can't blame me man, u know, I'm a Gunners, and he's 1 of the architects of us not winning the title...

#2 Tiger Woods

#3 New Zealand All-Blacks (Rugby)

Doesn't look like Jonah Lomu to me... well for your info, Jonah Lomu is THE man for New Zealand's rugby team, just like Johnny Wilkinson is for England...

#4 Wah, this 1 yong sui!!

But come to think of it.. Rooney.. he's always yong sui isn't it? XD

#5 Ayrton Senna

Senna is a legendary figure in F1, but.. sorry mate, I don't know u, I only start to know about F1 in Michael Schumacher's era...

#6 Young Pele... good boy good boy

Historic Figures

#7 Lord Admiral Nelson

Thumbs up for him, because if not for him, Napoleon would have invaded England, and we won't have any wax museum to visit...

#8 Some king of England a few hundred years ago

I remember seeing his name near the wax figure, but can't recall... King Richard the Lionheart or something I think...

And now, a few modern day royalty..

#9 Princess Diana

#10 Prince Charles

Old man also like... haih...

#11 Prince William

This 1 is much younger la, u 2 like him is ok lah XD

I can't recall if we have Prince Harry here... but 1 thing is for sure, there's no photo of him in my laptop...

#12 Albert Einstein

Don't know why, but when I see this E = mc² guy, I somehow thought of a Korean TV show which used to air on KBS. King of Brain is the name of the program, and the program hosts always shout Einstein!! -.-"
#13 William Shakespeare

The 2 photos below, I'm not sure why they are not in the earlier Celebrity chamber.. they were here, somewhere between the Historical Figures and World Leader chambers..

#14 Kylie Minogue

#15 Justin Timberlake

World Leaders

#16 The new president of United Nations Peggy giving an address

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I have always felt that the UN is a big joke organisation... they basically have to operate according to how the 2 fella up there decides to behave... Anyway, Blair is out, Bush is on his way too, so.. whatever...

#17 Dalai Lama

This is a highly controversial man... he got alot of support from the Western society.. but we really cannot deny that he is a major factor for all the political drama in Tibet... I'm not gonna speculate or taking sides on this 1.. we have our very own drama back in Malaysia...

#18 Saddam Hussein

Haha I know, this pose is kinda rude.. forgot whose hand is that though...

There's many more leaders, presidents and kings/queens of different countries, but I can't be bothered to show u all of them can I? I myself don't really know most of them myself anyway...

And unfortunately, our Dr M and Pak Lah didn't make it into the Hall of Fame here, too bad hahaha XD

#19 Sitting down, relaxing

It's really tiring, as the museum is huge.. we walked for like.. 3 hours..

Besides the wax displays, there's also a Ghost House which we can go into.. but u don't expect us to come out with photos from there do u?

As we come near the end of all the exhibits, there's a room that shows us all kinds of tools and processes involved in making the wax figures... it's really a very tedious and professional task...

#20 They even have so many eyes to make the best match!

I've gotta end my Madame Tussauds experience with this photo....

#21 Madame Tussaud herself

So.. what do u think? Is this place worth paying good money to visit?


Simon Ho said...

wow! you're taller than einstein

RealGunners said...

what's with that wow? is it that amazing that i'm taller? i'm 187cm =.=