Wednesday, August 27, 2008

UK and Europe - Blogging done, what now?

I mentioned about Dubai in my previous post Leaving UK, right? Well, u see, I have actually blogged about the Dubai part 1st before all these, so I'm just gonna put the links in here for u guys alright?

September 26 2007 - Dubai Rendezvous Day 1

- Arrival, Hotel, Dinner at al-Ghurair, Souk Madinat, Burj al-Arab, Jumeirah Hotel

September 27 2007 - Dubai Rendezvous Day 2 @ Jumeirah Beach

- Jumeirah Beach

September 27 2007 - Dubai Rendezvous Day 2 @ Desert Safari Tour

- Desert Safari Tour

September 28 2007 - Dubai Rendezvous Day 3

- Dubai International Airport, heading back to Malaysia

So... that's it... my UK Summer Semester, Europe Tour, London and Dubai... last year, 2007.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that, I'm finally done with this tedious blogging/recording process.. it was tiring, blogging about things that happened last year: filtering photos, uploading photos, trying to recall as many details as possible, and trying to make my posts as interesting as possible...

But it was great fun.. really.... kinda ensures that the memories will be safeguarded for a long long time, it brings smiles and laughters for me whenever I'm writing, it brings smiles and laughters to my friends reading it, and hopefully, it brings happiness to anyone of u who read all these posts all this while, be you nuffnangers, friend's friends, or some blog-hoppers..

Now that I'm done with these, I realized that I have nothing much left to blog about.. I'm not going to convert this place into a boring day-to-day diary.. I'll need something more interesting to continue writing...

I'm going to work in Penang, sooner or later... so maybe I'll think of something interesting to write for awhile.. maybe trying to describe how it will be like for a KL-ite to move up north and settle down in this island...

As of now, I really have no idea what I will be doing... all I know is that, I'm quite worn out now.. maybe I'll go take a nap... cheers~

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