Saturday, September 27, 2008

流浪@Good Luck Roll Roll Come

Specially for Belle, and those Chinese illiterate potatoes/bananas, translate the previous post 1 5 1 10 into English Manglish

Finally.. wish come true d.. waited bitterly for 4 months plus, pusing-pusing, up mountain down sea, lim peh (me) can finally say convincingly: Am going to set foot into 1 of the Engineering Big 4 in Penang.. can finally let out a sigh of relief.. hehe...

For lim peh personally, this 4 months plus has been extremely unfortunate.. went to infinite times of interview without success, and have been a complete jobless dude/land measurer/worker-from-home for 4 months.. life really sucked =.="

But in the recent 2 weeks, the fortunes have changed dramatically.. there have been a few companies coming to me one after another with 2nd interview or job offer.. of course, I've chosen the 1 that I believe is the best...

When I 1st arrived in Penang, have been feeling frustrated about internet daily, because in the company where I'm currently working (will be history soon) employees are not allowed to go online, and the phone line in the house where I rent my room got faulty, so for 2 weeks, I have been like guo gai lou shu (straying rats) hunting for internet access.. KFC/Starbucks/Mamak have been my hangout where I forget time.. wrong, not exactly that, I have to leave when the laptop's battery died on me everytime..

But the phone line in my house have since been fixed, and the internet problem is solved, although recently, besides occasionally scribble about my boring life, haven't been producing any meaningful articles..

Am still abit not quite getting used to moving away from home: No mom to wake me up in the morning, and no tomato juice/fruit juice; have to wash my own clothes (although there's a washing machine, hehe); no good soup to drink (although Peggy will occasionally make some simple soup), something seems to be missing in my life, I think it's the family warmth..

The only pro is, finally I can have my very own private space.. don't really wanna elaborate much on this, but those who know me well would've probably know, I'm really not that happy at home, main reason being: the room at home is supposed to be shared property between me and big bro, but most of the time, the room is being forcefully occupied besides sleeping time.. having to carry the laptop to the living room to go online is a very frustrating and boring thing to do.. but now I no longer have to do that anymore... Oops, macam sudah terlebih cakap..

Got to know a pretty girl today (actually is yesterday, since I'm translating yesterday's post), she works in the marketing department of the company which I'll be leaving soon.. we faced a customer together in the afternoon, went to a hearty Manhattan Fish Market lunch with that customer as well, and after work just now, teman her to go buy a new handphone, and had dinner together.. could it be that even tou fa wan (peach blossom luck) is coming?? XD

Sumore, not sure if it's because of this and this, my good friend Cath seems to be back d.. hopefully she can adapt to her workload soon, and don't move no move then main disappear again.. probably not coming back for a little while due to feeling guilty after seeing my posts guar.. if really come back because of guilt only, then will make me feel guilty also =.="

Seems like things are turning good on all fronts.... I suppose I've had more than my fair share of misfortunes that the gods decide to compensate me abit..

Looks abit cacat-ed, this direct translation to Manglish, don't care la =.="


Belle said...

well such luck! must be the leakage around the house that u fixed!! ( thats what hakka ppl said, you took care your house well, fortune will be with you and vice versa if u don give an f bout your house. house = you )

i don have problem leaving family at all. been used to it but..i miss my mom's screaming and dad's good night kiss. nothing comes before family =]

*kiss on forehead* to you and i, see you at the toP!..erm..just be k ful with miss blossom, you dont wanna be an premature dad =D

RealGunners said...

i didn't fix any house wor.. just fixed the phone line jek, sumore is not my house oso hahaha..

but my mom went to the temple to do something for me, i think my luck really changed after that..

my family comes 1st too, actually don't really wanna leave KL, but it's getting almost impossible to survive in KL, no choice really..

hahaha kenal new girls doesn't mean anything wat lolz.. i'm absolutely, totally, 100% rational one XD

Cathrane said...

Me mana ada disapper wo.. said me 闹失踪.. hehe. Jus too busy ma. Now better d. hehe. cath is bac in action.