Monday, September 01, 2008

流浪@Poll Results

So, this is the results of the very 1st polls I put up in my blog... refer here for the photo.

14 votes, a very meagre response I suppose, but heck.. it's not like my blog is a very fehmes/popular blog, so I think that's about the right number of votes...

50% @ 7 people - positive feedback

See Cath? There are more percentage of people that think your legs are sexy than people who think that the Father-in-Law is a good PM for us...

14% @ 2 people - negative feedback

Not sexy meh the legs? Bak shuit shuit wat luit luit, nice ma.. yala, I didn't show u the whole person, but I was asking sexy legs anot ma, not sexy girl anot ma.. if liddat also not sexy, how do u define sexy? No taste =.="

35% @ 5 people - blind

I don't really have any other word to describe this bunch. Can u really not see any legs in the photo???

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