Tuesday, October 14, 2008

流浪@Meaningful Weekend

I didn't go back to KL during the Raya holidays, because I was waiting for last weekend to go back, since Dad's birthday is on October 12.

Basically there's nothing much to brag about.. I'm not sure if it's just me, but celebrations for daddy usually seems more of a headache, because we don't know what to buy as present, or how to celebrate.. this problem is especially obvious when you're still a student who gets pocket money from dad..

Doing something too lavish or expensive for dad's birthday, using money from dad, seems quite weird a thing to do..

This year, is the 1st time I celebrate dad's birthday using my own money.. so I decided to bring the family to Dragon-i @ Pavillion KL for a lunch on Saturday.. Dad's birthday was on Sunday, but nobody seems free on Sunday, so just have to forward it by 1 day..

Well, it's not exactly my treat.. Big bro footed like, 60% of the bill, me 40%... and I also paid for some groceries in Mercato later on, so it's probably half-half between us...

U guys know, I don't have a camera, and I'm a lousy food blogger, my sis did take some pics of the food with her new Canon IXUS baby.. so I'll just link her here, and hopefully give her a couple of traffic in the process...

I'm actually back for the weekend for 2 missions.. Mission #1, celebrate dad's birthday, completed..

Mission #2, let's look back to our Liverpool time for a little history lesson..

This is Cath with McVities

It's not like I purposely wanna feature Cath in my blog all the time, it's just that, I can't find any pics of McVities other than this...

Full name for this thing: McVities Caramel Milk Chocolate Digestives, we just call it McVities.. it's also known as 'The Drug' among us..

If u don't get why we call it drug, well drugs are usually associated with addiction, and we don't get addicted to biscuits for the same reason as drugs or cigarettes if u know what I mean, but it's still an addiction nonetheless..

In fact, we love our McVities so much that we buy them in boxes instead of packs!!

To make it simple: WE JUST LOVE OUR MCVITIES!!!

We were so happy when Mercato opened in the Pavillion because this supermarket sells import goodies from overseas, and we thought we could find our 'drug' here... but the only McVities they sell are those Plain digestives and Ginger Nut digestives, which totally taste yucky!! Why don't they sell the chocolate range of McVities here???!!

Basically, I just wanna bring out the point that some of us LJMU-ians really love our McVities caramel chocolate and we would do anything to see them being sold here in Malaysia..

So.. enough of history... the thing is, Cannas discovered that Marks & Spencer (M&S) sells some chocolate digestives in their store in KLCC that taste quite similar to our McVities on 1 of her trips to KL..

So, mission #2 for me, for the weekend, is to head to KLCC and grab more of them... and I didn't disappoint..

Chocolate range digestives from M&S

Made in the UK!!

I bought 3 milk chocolates and 3 dark chocolates.. 1 each for Cath, 1 each for Cannas, and 1 each for me, of course!!

Side story:
While I was calling Cannas and Cath to verify if it is this M&S brand of digestives that we should be after, I think a stranger couple overheard my phone conversations.. and while I was queue-ing up to pay for my loot, I overheard the couple discussing something like: "Ei, that fella said these taste like McVities!!".. They spent no time filling up the basket with these M&S digestives.. I suppose we're not the only ones whose addicted XD

Mission accomplished, headed back to Penang, content...

And FYI, the taste is not 100% alike, but these M&S digestives are really good too!!! (No this post is not an advertorial =.=)


CRIZ LAI said...

Wah~ Can pass one to me? My drug too :P

RealGunners said...

kenot la, my friend, u don't ask an addict for his drug and expect a positive response do u? XD