Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 4 2008 - Pantai Kerachut

It's been n years since I last made a post on trips and travels.. I think I didn't ever since I was done with London... well, here's 1 after such a long time...

I'm going to blog about a place which I think is not really famous, even among Penangites.. Pantai Kerachut @ Taman Negara Pulau Pinang, Teluk Bahang.

This trip happened on the Saturday immediately after the Raya break, 10 of us: 8 from company I, 1 from company M, and 1 jobless, to-be company A personnel (me)...

Let's get on with photos... as usual with travel posts..

We have to queue up to do something before entering

Register our names, that is

Admission is free of charge though, so don't worry...

While waiting for everyone to fill up their respective details,

*3 hot chicks*

Play with bananas

More bananas~

Group photo before entering

[Edit: I forgot to name everyone =.=.. ok based on photo above, from left to right: Cath, me, Cannas, Yi Chong, 小白 Xiao Bai (?? sorry, that's how they call u, so I still donno your name), Chin Onn, Her Hau, Tze Yee, Thian Min.. Bing cameraman, not in the photo, but will appear in later photos don't worry.. Correct names ah? Hehehe]

What do I mean by entering? Well, u see, Taman Negara Pulau Pinang is a national park, and Pantai Kerachut is a beach which is part of this national park. From our entry point, we need to hike in a forest trail for about 2km plus, approximately 1.5 hours at human speed and 30 minutes at alien speed, to reach the beach...

When I say forest trail, I hope u don't expect to see lots of photos taken along the way. We're engineers, not National Geographic crew ~.~!

So, since we're all humans, after 1.5 hours,

We reached this bridge

This bridge is some sort of like.. a signal that we have reached Pantai Kerachut territory.. woohoo!!

On 1 side of the bridge is the sea, on the other side, is something really unique!

Tasik Unik @ Unique Lake

What can be anymore unique than a lake that consists of only sand and mud? Really unique =.=

We've gotta have this at the beach don't we? Sand and water~

So, what's on the agenda for the day?

Food, food and more food!

Food are meant to be eaten played like toys

Wahahaha! Nice eating pose!

I almost forgot about myself.. this is my blog what...

Here's a photo of me~

In between food, some of us played with bubbles..got nice effect, and funny effect as well la.. just see the photos..

We're at the beach, so naturally, the sand became our playground too..

What are we digging?

Have any idea yet? It's should be darn obvious by now

Dig dig dig, sure find someone to bury la~

There's also a shower facility at the beach, and trust me, taking a shower here is quite an out-of-this-world experience...

Female shower

Male shower

Food, bubbles, sand digging, people burying, shower, and it's time to head back to the entry point..

Besides hiking, there's actually another way to get back and forth between the entry point and the beach, and we are going to take this other way to head back..

By boat!

Boat cost RM 100 RM 120 RM I'm-not-sure-not-me-pay-the-boat-guy for 1 way...

Group photo on the boat, courtesy of cameraman Bing

I'll show u 1 very 'wat dat' @ horrendous @ mempersiasuikan @ whatever-u-wanna-say photo of me on the boat...

Nah, hope it doesn't make u vomit ahahahaha XD

Along the boat ride, the driver will give us intro on some rocks which he said is unique, but which I can't make of...

Batu Arnab @ Hobbit Rabbit Rock

Batu Penyu @ Turtle Rock

Batu Saya-sudah-lupa-apa @ I-forgot-is-what Rock

Passed by a jetty with lots of boats too

And finally reached the jetty near the entry point, after about 15 minutes..

Time to get off the boat

After the trip, we still had time to go for a cendol round at... at.... shit what's that place ah? I barely remember it's somewhere near Island Plaza, opposite a quite famous cheap western food outlet inside a residential estate...

Cendol-ing and laksa-ing

Don't have any pics on the cendol, but Bing did capture a nice photo of this...

Ang Dao xxx @ Red Bean Zhap Suet

Forgive me, I really don't know Hokkien, I'm new to Penang remember??

Basically, that's our trip... tiring.... I mean, blogging this out is tiring... haven't blogged with so many photos in a single entry for a long time already... =.=


Belle said...

u snapped girl shower!!!!! best part of trip HAHAHAHA

RealGunners said...

*relays this msg to Bing*

not me take the photos ge, i dun hav camera..