Saturday, October 25, 2008

流浪@Windy Night

Just a short update...

Last night, I had another 1st experience here in Penang. For the 1st time in my life, I heard the sound of whirlwinds up close!

I was stuck in my room in 19th floor, and all night, heavy wind was barging in thru the window.. and around 9pm, I had my 1st encounter with the "whheeeeewwwww whhheeewwwwwwww" sound.. it got more and more intense and lasted until at least after I fell asleep at about 1.00am..

Actually, I was quite worried for my friends.. Peggy and How Chen went to their weekly photography class, which was supposed to end about 10.00pm. But they didn't came back home until almost midnight...

Cannas and Cath went to celebrate their colleague's birthday at some posh-sounding restaurant around New World Park in town..

Now, I don't know if this whirlwind phenomenon is common or not in Penang.. the sound sure was exciting and fun to hear, but it felt dangerous too.. I was on 19th floor, and I wasn't sure if things are better or worse down on the ground..

When all of them didn't pick my phone up or replied my SMSes, really got panicked and started to think: "What the fark?? Is something wrong??!"

Luckily, Cannas went online later in the night, and since Cath is following her car, I suppose both of them made it safe back home.. and then Peggy and How Chen came back, they just went to buy some food stuff for their photo shooting trip today..

Panic eased, I continued to enjoy my 1st whirlwind experience for awhile more before going to bed =)

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