Thursday, November 27, 2008

流浪@Ah Leong Cooks

Wasn't quite in the mood to work yesterday, and since I worked late and came in early the previous 2 days, I decided to call it a day at office around 3.30pm... (yeah, we get to have that little bit of flexibility in MNCs)

Most of the time All the time, whenever we decide to cook at home, it would be Peggy doing the major works, with me doing the major waiting and eating... like here...

Well yesterday, I decided it would finally be the day to fulfil my promise to Peggy: I'll cook a meal for her 1 day.

So, I left office early... headed to Queensbay Jusco to do some food shopping.. and then came home to prepare the ingredients...

I'll be doing 2 dishes for the day...

Stir Fry Vege: Before

Stir Fry Vege: After

Well, it doesn't look that appealing, or marvelous, nevermind...

ABC Soup: Before

ABC Soup: After

Doesn't the soup just look glorious?? It tastes great too! Ask Peggy for verification, hehehehe...

Now I can start telling people that Yan Can Cook Leong Can Cook...

Ei! Don't laugh la!! I really can cook one la!! If u trace back to my UK Summer Semester posts, u will realize that I actually did alot of cooking back then...

Paiseh to hard sell sendiri, so put smaller font: Leong is a good blue chip stock lah.. got job in MNC (入得厨房 yap dak chu fong), can cook decently (出得厅堂 chuk dak teng tong).. oops, macham terbalik liao, hehehehe XD

Don't worry Peggy, I'll make sure this is just the first time, and won't be the last time...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

流浪@Engineering Team Building (II)

Just got more pichas from our division's admin Jackqueline, in the form of Powerpoint slides, she even did some effects on the pichas, I'll just grep take 3 of them and post here..

From left: Jafri, Hairus, Azizi, me and Haniff

The 4 of us are 1 team, besides Jafri, who is just kacau-ing the photo session...

And yeah.. as u can predict, my division is predominantly Malays.. although company-wide is still majority Chinese... sh*t, why do I sound so racist? =.="

White arrow = Steve Cook, Yellow arrow = Bob Vienot

Both of them are from our company's Colorado plant. Steve is here to help set up some stuff for the NPI @ New Product Implementation, and Bob is here to give us training on some very old and almost obsolete programming knowledge.. Bob has French ancestry, hence his name like that...

They will only be here for less than 2 weeks though.. I think they will be heading back to the States next week... hopefully I will be able to learn whatever necessary for my job by then...

And.. and... I get some arseholes who questioned the credibility of my claim that my team came in as runners-up and got the prizes, which I find totally ridiculous.. well, the picha below should be proof enough..

Focus on the blue arrow

See? See?? See????!!!!

This is the close up of the things in my hands

By the way, the man on my left is the award presenter @ Engineering Manager. Hairus is not in the picha because he had to go back as soon as we finished our 3 games due to excessive pressure from his fiancee.

Let me discuss abit about how the organization chart works in my company. 1st of all, I am a Test Engineer. Above me, there's my direct supervisor the Test Engineering Manager, and above him there's the Engineering Team Manager (who gave me the prizes). Our Engineering team actually consists of Test Engineering and Product Engineering.

Above this Engineering Manager, there's the Regional Division Manager, who manages the whole of our division here in Penang (FYI, my company has about 10 divisions). Then, this division manager of us reports to 2 people. 1 of them is the Penang Site Manager, overseeing the whole of the Penang site. The other 1 is the Worldwide Division Manager, who is an American and is based in the States as well.

Finally, These 2 people reports to the most powerful man of the company, the CEO, who is also based in the HQ in the States...

Does it sound complicated? It probably is, because I almost dozed off writing these things...

Back to the topic, if u still do not believe that my team did in fact come in as the runners-up, then fine.. I have nothing else to say....

Anyway, that's all for this time...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

流浪@Engineering Team Building

Today is the 1st time I participated in a team building event of my new company.. it's the Engineering Team of my division of the company to be exact... I know it sounds abit complicated, never mind that...

Let's see what we do for this team building session..

We play snooker!!!

Yeah, really.. I mean.. if u believe the picture above suggests snooker... hehehe :-D

If u don't believe, then just assume we're playing bowling *ngek ngek ngek*...

We formed teams of 4, and the 2 highest scoring teams will get prizes, woohoo!!!

Food and drinks were provided, in the form of Domino's pizzas and Coke...

Amazingly, my team came in as the runners-up.. with the score of 1344. Well, let's do some calculations here, each team has 4 people, each people play 3 games, 4 x 3 = 12 games per team, so we basically average over 100 points per game, which is quite good for amateur noobs..

I said earlier, the 2 highest scoring teams get prizes.. in case u don't know, runners-up = 2nd best.. therefore.... I GET A PRIZE TOO!!

See? This is my prize!


Do u feel happy for me as well? Well, I absolutely felt elated, until I opened the pressie..

Why? Because... after unwrapping,

This is what's inside

Let's focus on the cartoon

Ang sek eh Minnie Miao eh Cawan!!!... I AM SO NOT GOING TO USE THIS THING =.="

Girls, any of you Minnie's fansi? I'd gladly trade this gift for a one night stand sincere Thank You wish...

Monday, November 17, 2008

流浪@Still Sexy

Yesterday (16th November 2008 Sunday), I took part in the Penang Bridge International Marathon event..... in the 10km Fun Run category.. I went with Peggy and Cath, joined up with Phaik Geok (Peggy's colleague/buddy) at the starting point, Pantai Jerejak jetty.

I don't have any photos, and am too lazy to wait for Peggy to process the photos from her Alpha Girl (SLR camera), so I guess I'll skip blogging about this event (unless I feel like it later on when I get the photos).. u might wanna visit here to see some of the photos and details, blogged by Cath...

So... what's the point of this post actually??

The point is...

This is 1 of the by product @ side effect of the Fun Run

Even though the right leg is bandaged, and the left leg has some scratches, the legs are still sexy, aren't they? Hehehehe... if u feel they are sexy, leave a comment or a message in the cbox..

Anyway, can u guess whose legs they are? A hint for u... I blogged about her sexy legs before, here..


I ran a poll on that previous post, and I have 50% who thinks the legs are sexy... That's probably some sort of proof =.=

Anyway, the point is, regardless of bandaged or not, your legs still sexy la, don't worry, hahahaha :-D

流浪@A Welcome Change

Today, something changed in my cubicle, in my office...


Finally changed to,


After more than a month since I joined... I'm feeling great! :-D

Friday, November 14, 2008

流浪 @ My 'workplace' for the week

How long has it been since I last made posts on consecutive days? Hmm... can't recall... hahahaha!!

Anyway, am going to blog about where I have been at for the whole of this working week...

Well actually I was attending an external training course, but since it's a job related training, and paid by the company, technically u can say that I am working hahahaha :-D

The training I attended is called: Programming in C#... it's a 5 days course, Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm...

The training location is kinda interesting... When I tell people that I am attending training in Wisma Boon Siew, 11 out of 10 gave me confused/baffled looks...

But when I say, upstairs of MOIS,


The baffled looks immediately became enlightened looks.. "Ah! MOIS ah? I know I know, we hangout there quite alot!"

I think, Wisma Boon Siew should be renamed as Wisma MOIS... MOIS is at Ground Floor of this Wisma Boon Siew anyway, and my training place in on the top floor.. 16th floor to be exact...

1 thing amazing about this training place the PC they have in the computer lab...

Focus on the RAM size

What if I tell u, this PC is used to operate on Windows XP? Actually, it's PCs.. there's about 18 of them in the lab.... isn't it amazing? Amazingly.... slow =.="

By the 2nd day of the 5 day session, those of us that have company laptops brought our own laptops, since we have pre-installed MS Visual Studio that comes with C# in it...

Today is actually the last day of the training... so at about 4.30pm, after we finished all the lessons, post-course assessment, and survey forms, this is what each of us is presented...

Certificate of Competency! With our names on it respectively

Now I can boast that I am C# Certified, hahahahaha :-D

Thursday, November 13, 2008

流浪@王八蛋 King Eight Egg

I'm feeling like shit at the moment. 1 of my very close friend.. a girl... has decided not to talk to me for the rest of our lives as long as this misunderstanding between us is not resolved yet...

Think I'll just start telling the story...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The 2 main protagonists here are me and this girl whom I shall refer as A. and the antagonist, I shall refer to him as B.

I was planning to go back to KL a fortnight ago, so I called up a few groups of my friends for a few yumcha/dinner/movie sessions respectively.. So this A and B are from this same particular group of friends of mine..

Things didn't go as planned, I was caught up with some issues in the last minute.. and couldn't make it back to KL as planned. Had to call off all the gatherings...

Then B called me and said: "Why the f**k la u don't wanna come back? Now I'm deprived of a chance to see A!"

Up to here, I suppose u guys should be able to figure out B's intentions.. he actually has a crush on A (actually for quite long of a time already).. but somehow A seems to be more closer of a friend with me than with B..

I was pretty frustrated at not being to go home as planned myself, and he came and give me this shitty blaming.. so I responded out of annoyance: "If u so wanna see her, then just date her la! Since I ffk u guys, she should be very free at home too!"

I wasn't sure what happened between them after that, but the next day, I got a phone call from A and this is what she said to me: "I don't need you to set up a date for me! It's okay if u can't make it back to KL, no need to ask someone else to date me!!"

My assumptions: That ball-less dude must've tried to date her unsuccessfully (A actually doesn't really like B), so he used me as a leverage. He probably said something like, Leong said u are free la, he ask me to date u ge...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Monday night, A called me again. This time she is really really pissed (obviously for a reason unknown to me)... She gave me alot of hard words which summarizes to something like this: "Please don't go and teach someone else how to kao me! No way I can accept someone who needs someone else's advice on how to get along with me! Please don't do so mou liu things again!! I don't wanna talk to you again!!!"

She really kept her word. I called, sms-ed and MSN-nudged her without reply, even until now..

Anyway, of course I didn't know what was going on.. but it was obvious B did something stupid beyond reason again... I called him, and he gave me a confession that sounded something like this:

Me : "Dude, did u screw up and used my name in the process, again?"
B : "No la, that day I tried to date her again, this time she agreed to come out.."
Me : "That's not what I wanna hear.."
B : "Actually I don't know what's wrong with her, I think she probably doesn't wanna go out with me at all. I was late abit to pick her up, and she decided that she don't wanna go out anymore.."
Me : "Abit = how long?"
B : "Not very long la, about 45 minutes la, it's usual what, our style.."
Me : "Mah*i! U are trying to kao lui now, can u at least show some sincerity and don't be late to pick the girl up? People like u totally deserves to spend the rest of your life stuck at home with cup noodles as company, soh*i!!... So, what excuse did u give her?"
B : "I told her that I really wanted to please her, and I was chatting with you to get some tips on what I should do to make her happy"

Don't really wanna elaborate much, but I suppose if u have any degree of IQ, u would be able to make out why A doesn't wanna talk to me anymore, based on the bold last line...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

To A: I really didn't mean to push u to a sh*thead, I just thought that he deserves a chance to be with you, because he really likey-d u for quite a long time already.. but as of now, I totally think that he deserves to spend the rest of his life alone. Please forgive me >.< AND NO I DIDN'T CHAT WITH HIM ABOUT HOW TO PLEASE U!!

To B: Yes the sh*thead refers to u, that is what u totally are! Not only did u screw yourself up, u tried to screw me up too! Now I have to add another group of friends into the Shaky and Awkward list.. Great! Thank you very much! Don't expect anymore help from me, ever, again!

(U both know who I am talking about...)

Saturday, November 08, 2008


有谁说了,回到家乡(我家乡是KL =.=") 就要去找一大堆朋友出来闹才有意思?
Who says, when we come back to hometown (my hometown is KL =.=") we have to look for a lot of friends for the trip to be meaningful?

Sometimes, accompanying family is not bad too.. stay at home and watch ASTRO that I haven't done for a long time..

Having potato chips & Korean rice drink for company

很久没坐下来好好地观看一场球赛。。碰巧,今天有一场大赛,我的枪手对垒粪便球队。。索性就呆在电视前紧盯着812号 ESPN台吧。。
It's been a long time since I last sat down and watch a football match properly.. coincidentally, there's a big match today, my Gunners versus ManUre FC.. let's just stick in front of the TV and follow channel 812 ESPN closely..

Actually I didn't really watch the matches for this season, and my Gunners seems to have fluctuating performances.. I think it's because of me watching today..

This fella, number 8 Nasri scored 2 goals

比赛结束了,枪手赢了2-1。。粪便球队永远都是粪便球队,这是改变不了的事实,呵呵 ^.^
The match ended, Gunners won 2-1.. ManUre will always be ManUre, this is a fact that cannot be changed, hehe ^.^

For me, this is what I consider leisurely life, we have to enjoy the peace and serenity at home when we do come home..

明天又要回去槟城打拼了。。 大概要等到圣诞期间才能再回来了。。
Will have to go back to Penang to fight (work) again tomorrow.. I think the next time I come back will be during the Christmas period..

Monday, November 03, 2008

流浪@McVities is Here!!!

I'm feeling dead tired today, but I figured I really have to do this post today.. it's too important to warrant delays...

I know I mentioned more than once before, McVities Caramel Milk Chocolate Digestives is our favorite snack back in the UK.. I have quarter of a post dedicated to it, here...

I also have another post depicting our effort in identifying a viable replacement for it in the form of Marks & Spencer Digestives, here..

Nothing beats the original though... McVities is still McVities by a million miles.. forever... and ever....

Well, well, guess what we've got here....

McVities Digestives!

Close up: McVities Digestives, Caramels!!

Even closer up: Milk Chocolate Digestives with Caramel!!!

Woohoo!!!!! This is the thing!! The real deal!!! The original McVities!!!

I was actually in the cinema in Gurney yesterday, on my Being Alone Session, when Cath suddenly sms-ed me: "McVities in Cold Storage, 13."

For a moment, I couldn't process what I was reading. It was getting real exciting in the movie too... it took almost 30 seconds for the thought to register...

There are already McVities digestives in the racks of all major supermarkets in Malaysia, but they are all Ginger Nut or Plain.. and we don't give a shit on those... whenever Cath mentions McVities, it has got to be our beloved Caramel version!!!

Cold Storage is obviously the supermarket chain... has a store in Suria KLCC, and there's a store here in Gurney too...

Hehehe, another shot at my McVities~

13... wtf does 13 mean? At that time, I thought Cath meant something like: "Only 13 sticks left."

Shit! That idea got me out of the chair in the cinema, and rushing to Cold Storage immediately anxious and nervous throughout the rest of the movie, fearing that by the time the movie is over, there would be none left =.="

Fortunately, that wasn't the case... 13 means:

RM13 for a stick of McVities

I'm not sure if it's fortunate or unfortunate... Back in the 99p Store in St John's Liverpool, 99pence (about RM7 back then, RM6.40 now) would get us 2 sticks of this delicacy.. RM13 back then would get us not 1, but 4 sticks!!

But then, definitely is a heck of a lot cheaper compared to the air tickets cost if we were to fly all the way back to the UK to get some more of it... so I think I shouldn't complain about it...

I remember I once emailed the distributor of those McVities Ginger Nut in Malaysia.. can't remember who, Danone I think.. telling them that there's a huge pool of addicts for the Caramel version here in Malaysia and they should really consider bringing that flavour in... (I was bluffing of course, I wasn't sure because besides us LJMU-ians, all of my other friends who studied/are studying in the UK does not know what McVities is =.=)

I absof**kinglutely didn't expect to have this sort of.. dream come true.. to get this McVities Caramel here in Malaysia... it really served as an icing to the cake, after a really fruitful day for me...

Thanks Cath, for randomly going to lepak in Cold Storage, and randomly made this major discovery!! BIG MUACKSSSS FOR U~~~!! Ahahahahaha!!!!

To end my post, just wanna reiterate this fact:

McVities Caramel Milk Chocolate Digestives IS the BEST thing that's ever come out from the UK!!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

流浪@Close Out

I actually have a few posts in drafts, pending publishing.. but I decided that I would just delete them...

I know.. I have been updating really really less recently... like.. once a week or a fortnight... and it's basically all my personal rantings and nothing much...

The fact is, I have been on an emotional roller-coaster ride and I feel mentally drained... I just don't know what to write or what to do at all...

Well, the good thing is, my fortunes have shifted for the better in terms of employment.. hey I finally got my fat ass into a major MNC, the ultimate goal that I have been laboring hard for for the past 4-5 months... so at least I have nothing monetary to worry about for the time being...

Recently, I said many things that I shouldn't have, to many people... and kinda screwed a couple of friendships up... this is the major reason as to why I am so mentally drained.. I have actually been walking on an emotional tightrope for a few weeks already...

Of course, I don't show it out in the public.. after all, what's the point to it right? There are things that are meant NOT to be said no matter what.. or things will turn awkward @ go sour @ become a pile of mess... kinda learned this point the hard way...

But it's tough.. u know.. especially when u feel stressed, emotions run high much more easily... things we're not supposed to mention, gets mentioned.. and things we're not supposed to do, gets done.. usually in a spur of a moment...

(PS: I didn't go back again this week is because I really have some sudden issues at work and have to work Saturday, not because I'm ditching u guys!!)

I went on a Being Alone Day last week... it was quite good, but not quite effective...

So today, I went on another Being Alone Day... well not exactly that.. it's more like a Being Alone Session... did what I like to do.. drive, went to Gurney to catch a movie (Eagle Eye), spent 2 hours in Popular bookstore... another soothing experience...

Before that, I went for breakfast with Wing Yew and Lim Yuen... and then went for lunch with... with... erm, well she prefers to remain anonymous, so let's just name this girl L...

No, not this L =.=

L is a lady I got to know while working for my previous company... let's not get into the details too much, it's sufficient to say that she is 1 hot chick, but already has a boyfriend, so it's not like what u wanna think between us =.=

It's just that, we seem to speak on the same wavelength, so we became friends very quickly.. the lunch today is actually more of a chit chat session, because both of us have something troubling emotionally and needs someone to talk to...

It was really great to be able to get someone to talk to like that... We should really do this more in the future, k? *winks*

After this chit chat session, the movie, some books, and some stepping on the gas pedal.. I think I'm ready to declare: I'm out of the blues!! Woohoo!!!

It's more like, I know what I am supposed to do, and how I should proceed with life from now on... it's been a long time since I felt this sense of direction again...

Actually, I just need to do things the way I used to do it: do nothing.. I know I am known as the GPS or the Best Organiser for Scotland Trip, but in reality, I'm actually quite a reactive asshole
who always wait for phone calls for activities, avoids excessive problem solving endeavours on MSN, don't say anything out of queue, etc...

Since I moved up north, this reactivity seems to have gone from me.. so I shall just re-activate this attribute within me... being a reactive, subdued, reserved asshole is just the way to go for me...

Misquoting from Sex and the City: "Alone and Fabulous".. that should be me...

Hopefully, this will be the last of my entries depicting my emotional roller-coaster ride for Year 2008...