Saturday, November 08, 2008


有谁说了,回到家乡(我家乡是KL =.=") 就要去找一大堆朋友出来闹才有意思?
Who says, when we come back to hometown (my hometown is KL =.=") we have to look for a lot of friends for the trip to be meaningful?

Sometimes, accompanying family is not bad too.. stay at home and watch ASTRO that I haven't done for a long time..

Having potato chips & Korean rice drink for company

很久没坐下来好好地观看一场球赛。。碰巧,今天有一场大赛,我的枪手对垒粪便球队。。索性就呆在电视前紧盯着812号 ESPN台吧。。
It's been a long time since I last sat down and watch a football match properly.. coincidentally, there's a big match today, my Gunners versus ManUre FC.. let's just stick in front of the TV and follow channel 812 ESPN closely..

Actually I didn't really watch the matches for this season, and my Gunners seems to have fluctuating performances.. I think it's because of me watching today..

This fella, number 8 Nasri scored 2 goals

比赛结束了,枪手赢了2-1。。粪便球队永远都是粪便球队,这是改变不了的事实,呵呵 ^.^
The match ended, Gunners won 2-1.. ManUre will always be ManUre, this is a fact that cannot be changed, hehe ^.^

For me, this is what I consider leisurely life, we have to enjoy the peace and serenity at home when we do come home..

明天又要回去槟城打拼了。。 大概要等到圣诞期间才能再回来了。。
Will have to go back to Penang to fight (work) again tomorrow.. I think the next time I come back will be during the Christmas period..


Belle said...

your type of leisure is so slothful!!! god forbid!
my type is...lay on the couch, munch like 10 packs of lays + watch the stupid i munch i'l rub my leg on my hero!ahhh what a life!
oh thats like so similar to yours hor? sama sama then ahha.
serious, one day you ought to try laying in bathtub filled with boiling water and listen to your favourite tunes..heavens

RealGunners said...

i don't rub my leg la hahaha..

and unfortunately, my house's bathroom don't have bathtub.. so can't experience tht heaven yet hahaha

Belle said...

thn ar..tong air also possible muahahah!

RealGunners said...

nvm la, when i buy my big house later on, i'll be sure to make sure there's bathtubs and pre-installed stereo system in my toilets XD

Belle said...

and then electrify yourself KENG! then we have nigga gunner HAHHAHAHA