Tuesday, November 18, 2008

流浪@Engineering Team Building

Today is the 1st time I participated in a team building event of my new company.. it's the Engineering Team of my division of the company to be exact... I know it sounds abit complicated, never mind that...

Let's see what we do for this team building session..

We play snooker!!!

Yeah, really.. I mean.. if u believe the picture above suggests snooker... hehehe :-D

If u don't believe, then just assume we're playing bowling *ngek ngek ngek*...

We formed teams of 4, and the 2 highest scoring teams will get prizes, woohoo!!!

Food and drinks were provided, in the form of Domino's pizzas and Coke...

Amazingly, my team came in as the runners-up.. with the score of 1344. Well, let's do some calculations here, each team has 4 people, each people play 3 games, 4 x 3 = 12 games per team, so we basically average over 100 points per game, which is quite good for amateur noobs..

I said earlier, the 2 highest scoring teams get prizes.. in case u don't know, runners-up = 2nd best.. therefore.... I GET A PRIZE TOO!!

See? This is my prize!


Do u feel happy for me as well? Well, I absolutely felt elated, until I opened the pressie..

Why? Because... after unwrapping,

This is what's inside

Let's focus on the cartoon

Ang sek eh Minnie Miao eh Cawan!!!... I AM SO NOT GOING TO USE THIS THING =.="

Girls, any of you Minnie's fansi? I'd gladly trade this gift for a one night stand sincere Thank You wish...


Belle said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA omfg! come on just use it and have ons! got two why take one?! wait..i mean since u know ons is impossible..use the ang sek minnie instead. in a way u are still drinking a female ( minnie )

AsX said...

Hey, see? U finally got a cup as Christmas present! But ur Santa disguised himself as Teambuilding organizer and also he told u r a gal.

belle, u r a notty gal... but... i like it :p

Belle said...

asx, your idea covering loklok with lays DAMN GOOD! i likey ahhahaha
makes us equal. yr just as polluted

RealGunners said...

haih... y am i surrounded by hamsap friends =.=