Thursday, November 13, 2008

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I'm feeling like shit at the moment. 1 of my very close friend.. a girl... has decided not to talk to me for the rest of our lives as long as this misunderstanding between us is not resolved yet...

Think I'll just start telling the story...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The 2 main protagonists here are me and this girl whom I shall refer as A. and the antagonist, I shall refer to him as B.

I was planning to go back to KL a fortnight ago, so I called up a few groups of my friends for a few yumcha/dinner/movie sessions respectively.. So this A and B are from this same particular group of friends of mine..

Things didn't go as planned, I was caught up with some issues in the last minute.. and couldn't make it back to KL as planned. Had to call off all the gatherings...

Then B called me and said: "Why the f**k la u don't wanna come back? Now I'm deprived of a chance to see A!"

Up to here, I suppose u guys should be able to figure out B's intentions.. he actually has a crush on A (actually for quite long of a time already).. but somehow A seems to be more closer of a friend with me than with B..

I was pretty frustrated at not being to go home as planned myself, and he came and give me this shitty blaming.. so I responded out of annoyance: "If u so wanna see her, then just date her la! Since I ffk u guys, she should be very free at home too!"

I wasn't sure what happened between them after that, but the next day, I got a phone call from A and this is what she said to me: "I don't need you to set up a date for me! It's okay if u can't make it back to KL, no need to ask someone else to date me!!"

My assumptions: That ball-less dude must've tried to date her unsuccessfully (A actually doesn't really like B), so he used me as a leverage. He probably said something like, Leong said u are free la, he ask me to date u ge...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Monday night, A called me again. This time she is really really pissed (obviously for a reason unknown to me)... She gave me alot of hard words which summarizes to something like this: "Please don't go and teach someone else how to kao me! No way I can accept someone who needs someone else's advice on how to get along with me! Please don't do so mou liu things again!! I don't wanna talk to you again!!!"

She really kept her word. I called, sms-ed and MSN-nudged her without reply, even until now..

Anyway, of course I didn't know what was going on.. but it was obvious B did something stupid beyond reason again... I called him, and he gave me a confession that sounded something like this:

Me : "Dude, did u screw up and used my name in the process, again?"
B : "No la, that day I tried to date her again, this time she agreed to come out.."
Me : "That's not what I wanna hear.."
B : "Actually I don't know what's wrong with her, I think she probably doesn't wanna go out with me at all. I was late abit to pick her up, and she decided that she don't wanna go out anymore.."
Me : "Abit = how long?"
B : "Not very long la, about 45 minutes la, it's usual what, our style.."
Me : "Mah*i! U are trying to kao lui now, can u at least show some sincerity and don't be late to pick the girl up? People like u totally deserves to spend the rest of your life stuck at home with cup noodles as company, soh*i!!... So, what excuse did u give her?"
B : "I told her that I really wanted to please her, and I was chatting with you to get some tips on what I should do to make her happy"

Don't really wanna elaborate much, but I suppose if u have any degree of IQ, u would be able to make out why A doesn't wanna talk to me anymore, based on the bold last line...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

To A: I really didn't mean to push u to a sh*thead, I just thought that he deserves a chance to be with you, because he really likey-d u for quite a long time already.. but as of now, I totally think that he deserves to spend the rest of his life alone. Please forgive me >.< AND NO I DIDN'T CHAT WITH HIM ABOUT HOW TO PLEASE U!!

To B: Yes the sh*thead refers to u, that is what u totally are! Not only did u screw yourself up, u tried to screw me up too! Now I have to add another group of friends into the Shaky and Awkward list.. Great! Thank you very much! Don't expect anymore help from me, ever, again!

(U both know who I am talking about...)


Belle said...

im dying to comment.
B..goto hell. really like goto hell. 1st of all you suck at respecting people's time and its someone that you likey yet you made ppl wasted 45 mins of life for a pathetic maggot like you?
you are the worse kind of male friends ive ever heard of! YOU TOTALLY SCREWED UP PEOPLE'S REPUTATION and he is your friend? in this case you should be doing some explanation for Lok. Whats the point keeping your balls? you aint gonna have chance to use it anyway. mofo!

Maggy said...

B fyi 1. guys shud nvr be late 4 a date 2. gals hate d most when guys seek advise on how 2 tackle gals, don't u have ur own brain 2 think

AsX said...

So.. who is that pretty gal who is still single? :P