Monday, November 17, 2008

流浪@Still Sexy

Yesterday (16th November 2008 Sunday), I took part in the Penang Bridge International Marathon event..... in the 10km Fun Run category.. I went with Peggy and Cath, joined up with Phaik Geok (Peggy's colleague/buddy) at the starting point, Pantai Jerejak jetty.

I don't have any photos, and am too lazy to wait for Peggy to process the photos from her Alpha Girl (SLR camera), so I guess I'll skip blogging about this event (unless I feel like it later on when I get the photos).. u might wanna visit here to see some of the photos and details, blogged by Cath...

So... what's the point of this post actually??

The point is...

This is 1 of the by product @ side effect of the Fun Run

Even though the right leg is bandaged, and the left leg has some scratches, the legs are still sexy, aren't they? Hehehehe... if u feel they are sexy, leave a comment or a message in the cbox..

Anyway, can u guess whose legs they are? A hint for u... I blogged about her sexy legs before, here..


I ran a poll on that previous post, and I have 50% who thinks the legs are sexy... That's probably some sort of proof =.=

Anyway, the point is, regardless of bandaged or not, your legs still sexy la, don't worry, hahahaha :-D


AsX said...

Aha! Another sexy legs from Cath.. more photo...more photo!

RealGunners said...

i only have 1 la.. u hav got to ask her..