Friday, December 19, 2008


流浪了那么久,又是时候改变下Title的主题(Theme)... 眼下金融风暴导致的状况,看来缺钱是最贴切不过的新主题了。。
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前2个月,看来好像有好日子过了。。不过,佛法中的《人生无常》 看来是很有参考价值的。。好景才过了没多久,又开始接二连三的出状况了。。
For the past 2 months, it seems like good days are finally here.. but, like what the Buddhist scripture says seems to be a very good phrase for reference.. good fortunes has just came not long ago, now it's beginning to have some mishaps one after another again..

本来新工作已经开始慢慢上手了,也开始有了较明确的方向感了,不过混了几下,最近又开始感觉模糊起来了。。近2个礼拜,每天的工作程序大概可以这样形容:东跑跑,西去一下,蛮干了整天,结果什么也没做好 ~.~"
It's beginning to feel like I'm getting into my job well finally, and the sense of direction is finally here, but after a few whiles, lately everything at work seems to get vague and blurry again.. for the past 2 weeks, everyday at work can be described as: east run run, west go awhile, simply do some stuff for the whole day, end up nothing is achieved ~.~"

If you noticed my previous post, you will see that I'm facing the current financial crisis with optimism.. actually, when faced with such adversary, if I tell you I'm not afraid at all.. that is obviously a big fat lie.. probably, more or less we will feel anxious.. especially for me that have been through the scary days of being jobless and without income, I really don't wanna face that kind of situation again.. As of currently, this paycut thingie has concretely fallen on me, and of all times, this shit happens during the Christmas and CNY period, for us to "enjoy".. really makes my head grow bigger..

And, my friends, broke up one after another.. feels like this breaking up thing has become like paycuts and retrenchments lately, it became trendy.. besides feeling sad for my friends, it also reminds me of this song by Jade Kwan, .. below is the lyrics..

曾被爱过 才明泪太过有功用
惨不过 连忧郁也没法挡
大概这样孤单 也是痛
(paiseh, lyrics I don't translate lah, basically it means, at least u guys get to break up, I don't even know how break up feels)

That's why I say.. seems like it's the season to sigh again, haih.....

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